What is Google Dragonpoint and Why you need to know about it?

Nikki Malik

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21 Oct

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First Dragon Point Google Image LeakedAt first, we heard that Google was in the internet business, later on, Google announced plans for releasing their own Tablet and now – Google is going for your Home Cinemas. The lasts project by Google is called, Google TV and its going to involve big names, such as; Sony, Intel and Logitech.

They’re going to have an Android OS based TV sets, that are going to give you a new experience in movies, games and entertainment. Android, itself, is a pretty big name and Sony has taken a step ahead in collaboration with Google. The guys at Sony are going to create new home entertainment devices, with chips from Intel and loaded with the Android software.

And Logitech is going to do something for which, it is already most famous for. That’s right folks, Logitech is going to create the new and highly compatible remote control for the upcoming and much awaited Home Entertainment Sets.

Now all you have to do is, come up with a couple of thousand dollars to spend on new Hi-Def TV sets and enhanced Sound System. In return, you will be the talk of the neighborhood and they are going to envy you for latest PS3 games and movies in 3D.

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