Canon Eos 5D Mark ii is perhaps the only camera which sets the bar high. Definitely, you or any of your friends can NEVER have it on rent. Wanna know why? First reason: no one is willing to lend it. Second of all: once used, the camera becomes an addiction! Total Ownage – That’s what it is all about.

Canon 5D Mark ii Review – Givin’ the Whole 9 Yards to Photography

Yesterday was a fun evening. One of my friends came over with a couple of DSLRs. I couldn’t help but notice Canon EOS 5D Mark ii sitting ducks with some Nikon model. So anyway, it just happens so that Mr. Whats-His-Face is a professional photographer. As he was giving me a guided tour of his boring thesis work, I asked him if he could lend me Canon Mark ii. Here is a bit by bit review of this phenomenal camera.

It shimmers, it shines and as much as it comes with a sparkly shell, the results are equally impressive. Such attractive characteristics allude to the fact that Canon spent a helluva time building this device to meet an above average photographer’s expectations. Personally, I still don’t have the wallet size to afford this DSLR but I did have an amazing time quenching my creative thirst off of it.

The Good Stuff about Canon Eos 5D?

  • The Eos 5D mark ii has an insane level of ISO variations. You can probably say that its ISO is on steroid because of its high level of performance and adaptation to environments. Simply put it this way: with a long range of ISO, there’s no end to redefining your photography related strategies.
  • Eos 5D mark ii has what I’d like to call the perfect ‘See to Believe It’ kind of photo results. At this point, we are not debating about the camera’s video results. As long as pictures are concerned, I implore you to take a few shots and then see them for yourself. You’ll eventually know the difference.
  • As compared to its predecessor models ,the menu and options text stands out sharply on 5D mark ii screen. The overall color combination is quite impressive. With a blend of enough pixels and color multivariate, you get to see an amazing menu which is far better than the one in Canon EOS 40D.
  • Video shooting comes with great results if shot from Tripod. People complain about this device’s lack of power to generate output in videos. However, have you tried shooting it on a dedicated Canon EOS series tripod? If not, go ahead and invest some money please.
  • Rear LCD screen of Canon Mark 5D ii shows near realistic results. Attributed to the on screen image clarity, the photos can be observed with super realistic ISO ratio.
  • Low light to high light ratio is amazingly balanced in Eos 5D mark ii. It goes all the way to 25,600 ISO, which is more than enough to capture any kind of dimly or highly lit environment during challenging photo shoots.
  • The camera comes with a textured body. It is rough in a pleasant manner so you could hold it easily by the side of your lap like a diva. Fear not, even the most known cases of butter fingers have never succeeded in letting this precious device slip!

Hands on Video Review | Canon EOS 5D Mark ii Vs. Competitor Camera

Thing I didn’t Like about Eos 5D mark ii Canon?

Okay, personally I wouldn’t call them negative aspects of this camera. The 5D Mark ii is far better off with a tons of medals and rewards to be called a lacking device. However, there were some missing features and my personal additional suggestions that could be perhaps useful. Read them below:

  • There is no built in Flash mode or flash in the Eos 5D mark ii. You will have to make do with an alternative if you are looking for flash based photography/ videography in this device.
  • Particularly compared to Canon’s EOS 40D, the Eos 5D mark ii series camera is a little bit slow when shooting non stop photos.
  • The full potential of this camera can only be unlocked with the high end series lenses. If you don’t have the money to purchase a couple of decent Eos 5D mark ii lenses, then don’t bother complaining or whining.
  • Get a high capacity memory card and a high volume hard drive if you want to save those awesome results. After all, 21 MegPixel based files are not a child’s play.

So this is it with some of the attractive features and those minute turn off that I felt about the Canon EOS Mark ii. We are now going to move on to actual camera features, the ones that come by default on the box packaging as a nice description.

Canon 5D Mark ii Handy Features | Official List:

  • 21.1-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, 14-bit A/D conversion, wide range ISO setting 100-6400
  • Includes Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM lens
  • DIGIC 4 Image Processor; high-performance 3.9 fps continuous shooting; Live View Function for stills
  • Full HD video capture at 1920×1080 resolution for up to 4GB per clip ; HDMI output
  • Updated EOS Integrated Cleaning System specifically designed to work with a full-frame sensor

So far, I haven’t touched basis with this camera’s video quality, have I? Let’s see. There is my personal opinion and there are other people’s opinions about the camera’s video results. I am going to state them down one by one.

What I think about Canon Eos 5D mark ii Video Results:

If you recall correctly, I talked about the camera’s “lack” of generating video results because of lens limitation. By default, the lens is still great but it slacks a little in performance when compared to the Big category L lenses. You will have to invest a decent fortune to see pristine quality video results.

My personal opinion is strongly in favor of Eos 5D video results – and that too with default lens. I am not a professional photographer but by no means I would classify myself as an amateur. I know when I am holding a good camera in my hands.

Learn to control the manual focus modes in Eos 5D mark ii and you will have a great time recording videos. In low shadows, the video recording signals the camera to capture as much light as possible. The focus needs to be set manually for the camera to work properly. Otherwise, you are just another goon with an expensive camera and no knowledge of how to generate jaw dropping buttery results.

For short video clips, the default Eos 5D mark ii lens is next to any other best device out there. However, great camcorder style long length videos need some serious expenditure.

The problem is that people, after spending over $2200 on this camera, expect phenomenal results. They don’t want to spend more money on lenses. Yes, it is understood. But even with a heavy price tag, the Eos 5D mark series devices are only meant for hardcore photographers. They are in fact, the basic building blocks which need to be aligned with the proper lens category.

Any Alternative to Canon Eos 5D mark ii Due to Video Issues?

As a matter of fact, yes, there is a nice alternative to Eos 5D mark ii. You don’t have the money to spend on L class lenses. Therefore it would be a better option to buy a Nikon D7000 or a Nikon D700. Both of these cameras have the kind of video based results that you are probably looking for. More importantly, it all falls in line with your budget.

Now there is a debatable degree of discussion about the rolling shutting artifact in Eos 5D mark ii. Some photographers find it irritating, while others couldn’t love it anymore. I will leave the shutter sound and the rolling Eos 5D mark ii shutter artifact to your fancy’s keen disposal. It is a surprise that you are going to have to check for yourself.

Bottom Line?

It was a sad moment when I had to turn in the 5d Mark ii. If I could, I would have bought the camera right off the rack. Unfortunately $2,500 is not an easy game. However, you are here and you are reading this camera’s review. It means that perhaps you are interested in buying it.

Speaking of the ‘where to buy 5d Mark ii camera’ at a suitable rate, you can head over to Amazon. Their rates aren’t too shabby. The device will cost you around $2499 in brand new condition. However, there are a number of resellers who are selling it at a slightly lower price. The choice is yours.

In the end, it will be a great experience for you to transition from your old camera to the new EOS 5D Mark ii series. Even for the most advanced level photographers and videophiles, the Mark ii holds its respect high and mighty.