One of the nine goddesses regarded as a protectress of “Creativity”, a muse is your best friend in times of need. If you happen to be a startup photographer who has a roadmap of achievements to explore, the Nikon D5100 camera is that darling of a muse, which you will need eventually.

Falling right off the bat at an affordable price ($496 at Amazon for amazing Nikon D5100 price deals), a sleek beginner lens and shiny Nikon D5100 accessories, what more could you ask for? Oh, I know, you need results – the buttery backgrounds and always perfect smiles of your subjects. That, my friend, is going to come along with a lot of practice and some high quality Nikon D5100 lenses eventually.

Nikon D5100 Review for Beginner Photographers:

This review is solely written for beginner level photographers. I have tried my level best to eliminate the technical jargons, indeed a humble attempt to notch down the Nikon D5100 review to an understandable level.

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The Good Stuff about having a Nikon D5100:

The general breed of Nikon D5100 reviews on the internet focus on presenting camera stats and numbers mostly. Entry level photographers don’t quite understand them that well. Therefore there is always a probability that seeing to those stats and positive ratings, they buy something that doesn’t work in the long run. Maybe you are not a Nikon guy, maybe you were meant to use Canon? Get it?

The trick is to get an insight about the camera that you’re rooting for without having to purchase it in the first run. How can you do that? How is it possible to buy Nikon D5100 without knowing whether it will work or not work as per your expectations? I’d advise you to read the Pros and Cons of any DSLR camera first.

These pros and cons have to be realistic and understandable enough to be taken as a guideline. Forget about shutter speeds, focal points, geometric means and ISOs if you don’t understand them. You should look for positive attributes that you can nod or shake your head to.

  • LiveView:

LiveView is a feature that works like a charm in the D5100. They introduced this feature in form of a spring release rocker at the side of the Mode Dial. When activated, the LiveView allows Nikon D5100 to track faces and subjects as accurately as possible. It kind of eliminates the need for beginner photographers to manually focus on subjects, which is a good thing.

As compared to the older model: Nikon D5000, the D5100 takes half a second to sort things out in low light situations. LiveView is indeed a blessing in disguise for you.

  • Button Placement:

Buttons have definitely shifted their position in Nikon D5100. If you have used the D3100 or the D5000 by Nikon, you will notice a lot of difference in this particular model. Let’s say that the Video Rec button is now located at the top of the body; between the Shutter Release and Mode Dial areas.

That special “i” button is now probably going to cause a stretch on small hands. The button has been moved slightly away from the 4-Mode Switch buttons. Some people will find this useful button placement handy, while others will curse their short thumbs and limited reach.

Do make sure that you are not accidentally pressing the “i” button when your intention was to Record videos. This normally happens to me when I am not aligning my grip at the right areas of the Nikon D5100. However, the bottom line is that the new button placement is something worth trying out. You never know when you will fall in love with this camera only because its buttons were a great convenience to your photography sessions.

Even though the Delete button is this time very close to the Zoom buttons, people haven’t complained a lot about accidentally deleting their images.

  • High ISO:

You don’t have to know everything about the ISO settings. Again, for the sake of new users, I will only say that the ISO is there to help you shoot better at dimly lit places. The high ISO availability in Nikon D5100 makes it possible to easily shoot images in dark areas. Besides, Nikon wouldn’t have touted out the ‘Detail in Dark’ tagline for this camera if it weren’t for higher ISO numbers in this device.

  •  20% Longer Battery Life:

Nikon D5100 battery life has been extended by 20%. How to know this? Compare the Nikon D5100 battery life with D3100 battery life. This will give you a rough idea about how long D5100’s battery lasts on full charge.

Nikon D5100 | ‘I am Detail in The Dark’ Trailer

Other Interesting Features in D5100 Nikon DSLR Camera?

Some other features that you will definitely turn your head to are:

  • Smaller and lighter Nikon D5100 body this time.
  • Nikon D5100 ISO range goes from 100(Minimum) to 25,600(Maximum Expanded).
  • 920K Pixel resolution for highest results.
  • Special “Anti Jelly Effect” mode to refine full 1080p recordings in Nikon D5100. If you move a lot, the feature will prevent camera from recording shaky results.
  • “Quiet Mode” for stealth photography. You never know when you become a spy or a private detective. The “Quiet Mode” in Nikon D5100, though hardly needed, will definitely come in handy.
  • Improved Eyecap design and gimmickry, such as; Selective Color, Night Vision and HDR make Nikon D5100 cream of the crop.

Okay, enough with the plus points of Nikon D5100 camera. Lets see what this camera lacks, shall we?

 Nkon D5100 | Only for People with Class and Style

Are there any Negatives Worth Noting in Nikon D5100?

Depending on how bad you wanted a certain feature in Nikon D5100, yes, the negatives can come up as a bit of a disappointment. Then again, I couldn’t “HATE” this camera because it is still worth the price tag.

  • Lack of Full Manual Control:

Again, if you are a beginner level photographer, you will not lament the lack of full manual video controls in Nikon D5100. As I gather, LiveView in Nikon D5100 was introduced to give a sense of automation to the end user.

However, at the same time, Nikon cannot prevent experts from buying this camera. Therefore advanced level users have complained about crippled manual controls. This is one area where Canon kind of takes the lead, based on its manual controls. Nikon simply chose NOT to give full manual control facility to D5100 users for some reason. Maybe they will release some kind of software upgrade to deal with this “issue”.

  • AF Servo, Where Art Thou?

You should seriously consider investing money in latter models of Nikon D5100 lenses. AF lenses are now MF lenses in case of the D5100. Maybe Nikon is switching people to new lens types by eliminating support for AFs.

  •  Finally, where people have appreciated the flip out screen in Nikon D5100, there are individuals who think that it was a mistake. The so-called ‘lack’ of mini LCD screen in the D5100 is sometimes more of an obstacle when people are shooting at night, while trying to preserve their vision at the same time.

Nikon D5100 | Round Table Discussion:

To best judge Nikon D5100, it is important to know where this camera comes from. The “High-Fi Enthusiasts” is the right kind of group for this camera. It has a habit of meeting expectations when you are least expecting them to be met.

For instance, you will notice that compared to the D7000, the D5100 delivers almost the same type of image quality – but in a smaller package. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this D5100 camera is the smaller version of the elite class Nikon series devices. In some way, you will begin to fall in love with this camera’s ability to snuggle its way to your heart.

The articulating display for Tripods, surprising improvements in shooting modes, rubberized grip and so many other features will make Nikon D5100 16.2 MP CMOS Digital Camera totally worth it. Buy it, use it and appreciate it for years to come.

Word from Nikon – The Original Manufacturer:

The Nikon D5100 offers a host of new photographic and video tools that deliver superior performance and exceptional image quality with surprising versatility. With 16.2 megapixels, a swivel Vari-Angle LCD monitor, full HD movie capabilities, new EFFECTS Mode and new HDR setting, you hold the power and performance to capture beautiful moments and the freedom to get creative.