TL:DR CombatRope, the company behind this jump rope, did not pay me for this review. It is based entirely on my personal experience. Since this is an unsolicited review, any opinions are my own.

Some people call it speed jump rope, or simple ‘that jump rope’; I am really not bothered by the terminology here. What matters is the end result; does this rope work as advertised or not? Yes, it does and that too if you are considering doing speed reps within a certain time frame.

Good stuff about Combat Rope speed jump rope?

Before hitting the bullet points, here’s what I liked most about this jump rope. It is lightweight, comes in spectacular packaging and a special note from CombatRope saying that they have you covered under a lifetime warranty program. That’s right, if the hinges come loose, or the ball bearing becomes cranky or the cable itself breaks into two, you can claim the warranty anytime for a replacement immediately.

combatrope black lace bag

  • Comes in a great packaging. You get a small bag with laces at both ends. There is a nice Spartan warrior image in white color and inside you will find the rope neatly tucked.
  • Based on the cable flexibility, the rope can be curled to a size of a fist or an apple. Really, it is that simple. You just wind it to the size of your liking and voila! I loved this feature because I like to go out for a long walk before doing any jump rope sessions. So the rope is basically in my back pocket all the time.
  • CombatRope speed jump rope will help you in intense cardio or burst sessions as some people like to call it. Double unders are easy. Hell… if you are experience enough, you can maybe aim for triple unders… i.e. if it is humanly possible.

Now here is particular thing that’s more of a debate; the lightweight aspect of CombatRope jump rope is both a positive and a negative point. For instance, I am used to doing cardio sessions with heavy ropes; I build up a momentum and just have to follow it, hence allowing myself to focus on reps etc.

we have you covered with a lifetime warranty

Now seeing all that this rope is lightweight and serves great purpose for speed jumping, but I didn’t like it very much. CombatRope maybe should have made the cable a little thick to add to the overall weight. The cable itself is like a hairline, I mean it serves in cutting wind resistance and all, but I literally didn’t feel a lot of exertion. Maybe if there was a resistance setting or something, I would have liked the rope even more.

Do I hate the jump rope for being too damn lightweight? Of course not. I still have it in my gym bag and like to use it during warm-up phase before actual workout.

Warning it is not a magic jump rope:

If you are not losing weight after purchasing and using the CombatRope speed jump rope, please don’t blame it. You need to focus on diet, intensity of the workout and your metabolism etc. I cannot overemphasize how important it is to focus on diet and metabolism part. Diet does not mean that you have to starve yourself to death to achieve mean weight loss goals. It takes time and effort to see those results.

Another thing to know about this rope is the backlash effect. If you miss a rep or the handle slips out for some reason, the cable will whip your skin real good. The red marks will go away, so suck it in and take it as a learning curve thing. You will get better after a couple of minor backlashes.

Overall this speed rope is recommended to anyone who is interested in speed jumps or regular cardio. Mix it in with a couple of weight training courses and a calculated diet intake to get maximum results. Endurance guaranteed!