D-scope pro was the first virtual reality headset that I ever tried. Prior to this particular VR headset, I purchased other cardboard boxes, and bunch of “cut outs” that were literally just something that a bunch of kids may have made in their spare time. So far, D-scope pro cardboard 3d virtual reality headset is not only the top notch product in the field of DIY VR headsets, but also delivers great results as advertised.Dscope pro official image as seen at AmazonThe idea of purchasing a cardboard virtual reality kit does not coincide well with 90% of potential buyers out there. The reason is simple; it is cardboard; it is too cheap to be good and it may or may not work. Especially given the fact that a lot of popular companies like HTC and Samsung are actually releasing high end virtual reality head gear, the question begs to be asked in favor of these cardboard units.

To be honest, I was also skeptic, and I wasn’t the one who bought the D-scope pro virtual reality kit; my brother did. I really did not have any expectations from this “gadget” until I tried it. It is good and I’d definitely recommend trying the cheaper virtual reality kits before actually buying a highly expensive version.

D-scope pro assembly is as easy as 1, 2, 3… 4, 5, 6:

So right out of the packaging, you get a square shaped cardboard box. There is a separate elastic band, which you will come around later, but for now the important thing is the virtual reality box assembly. It is not difficult because they have a folded sheet of paper with step by step illustrations. You just need to cut with scissors or fold in the right places to assemble this beauty.11222196_1608844846064542_7405348588643150014_oGranted that some instructions appear to be vague or confusing, you can skip to logging on to YouTube.com for some easy to follow instruction videos on how to assemble D-scope pro 3d cardboard virtual reality kit. Also another alternative is to simply scan the QR code on the unit’s packaging for a quick/hassle free link to the tutorial videos.

For your ease, I have stated down exactly what I did to get the maximum experience out of this amazing virtual reality kit. You can do the same too:

  • For quick know-how, please watch the D-scope pro assembly video. As stated earlier, it is instantly available via the QR code on the packaging itself. Should you choose not to scan the code, or your phone is not QR code compatible, you can simply look for any number of videos at YouTube.
  • The next step is to download the default Google cardboard calibration app. You can find that in the PlayStore through your Android phone app. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the default application, you can download free third party apps without any issues or whatsoever. Most of these applications are just for fun; they walk you through a virtual reality environment where you get to interact with various objects etc.
  • By the way, if you are a proud owner of Samsung Note series mobiles, they will not fit in properly inside the D-scope pro cardboard kit. The latches will not close; you will have to make do with balancing the smartphone manually.
  • If you wear glasses, you will have to take them off to use this product. The VR box is not made to work with people who wear glasses.
  • Just a heads up: The link given in the D-scope pro instructions manual for demos is not personally recommended by me. These videos are more like prototype videos with chunky graphics etc. I did like the Fox demo video though; you can interact with that fox by pulling down the circular metal ring like button on the side of the VR kit.

Any health warnings or something important you need to know?

As a matter of fact, yes, you do. I do not recommend using the D-scope pro cardboard VR kit for long hours. My primary use is for watching 3d movies or 360 degree videos at YouTube etc. The glass used in this product is not of high quality. You have to focus your eyes literally at a central point in all videos for the images to make sense.

Though the d-scope VR kit comes with a strap, i am not using it at the moment.By focusing for long hours, you may experience dizziness and stress on your eyes. I watched the 3D version of Ant Man movie by taking several breaks in between. I downloaded that movie from another website. If you want to download movies that will work with this D-scope pro VR kit, go for SBS versions of all movies.

In addition to the 3D movie itself, you will also need a reliable Virtual Reality video player. There are a number of decent players already available at Google Appstore. I have to try VR games on the D-scope pro kit yet, therefore I cannot comment on their quality or my overall experience with the latter. I hear that small VR games such as interactive roller coaster rides etc. are quite fun to download and play.

Overall, I think I will definitely recommend this ingenious product to all budget conscious users. It is cheap, and does deliver a great deal of content as advertised by the manufacturers.