If you were to search at Amazon for “baby monitor” or “baby monitors”, a huge list of different baby monitor camera systems will open up. It is a wide assortment of various models offered from different companies, ranging in price and features likewise. Of course, not all of them are the best, or work as advertised, which is where the SafebabyTech camera and baby monitor system comes in.

By highest standards, I wouldn’t personally recommend this baby monitor system because it leaves much to be desired. However, considering that you are a couple or a single parent on a shoestring budget, where a hundred bucks means like a lot of investment, I’d say SafebabyTech baby monitor system is not a bad choice. It does what it is made for; i.e. help you monitor your baby during night or from a distance while you are busy performing other parental duties.

More so, if you don’t have a lot of money, you may find SafebabyTech camera monitor system a decent choice. Over rigorous use, you will become addicted to what this amazing product has to offer, given that if you end up “not liking it”, the official SafebabyTech return and warranty policy is pretty much flexible. You can send the system back for a refund of course.

The good stuff about SafebabyTech baby camera monitor system:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the SafebabyTech camera was made to impress… that is in the looks department. The entire unit has a very futuristic look, alongside good build quality etc. At least, for a price tag a little under the $100 range, you don’t get that low quality “made in China” crap with squeaky plastic edges etc. Even if this baby monitor unit was manufactured in China, they used some good quality material.

  • Works as advertised.
  • Within the entire range of baby monitor products at Amazon, (and at various other online platforms), this one is considerably better, and that too from the upper-to-mid tier of baby care products available. The lower you go towards the cheaper model range; you will not get what you paid for.
  • Modern/ futuristic look. Compared to other baby monitor units out there, SafebabyTech has an appealing look to the eye. Of course, your baby won’t notice these so-called “looks”, but you on the other hand would begin to appreciate it. The two-way unit does not look like you are holding walkie-talkies in your hands.
  • Very easy to setup. The instructions manual is easy to follow. I found the instructions short and to the point, emphasizing that you don’t get lost on your way to assembling the camera units and other things etc.

To say the least, as compared to my last baby camera monitor, the SafebabyTech monitor is durable. Last time my camera fell down from the shelf where I set it up. The unit did work, but the picture on the monitor got all groggy, which is one of the reasons we had to switch to SafebabyTech brand.box-image-of-the-safebabytech-camera-monitor-unit

Bad things about SafebabyTech baby camera monitor?

If SafebabyTech guys were to release a revised version of this unit, they can certainly improve on few things. For instance, during day time, the camera monitor works fine; you can see your baby sleeping or do whatever baby stuff he/she does at time.

However, things change during night when you need the baby monitor the most. Even though they added the “night vision” facility, the display quality is fair to poor. We had to squint our eyes really hard to be able to barely make out our baby’s features. On the contrary, the loud sound volume made up for lack in the “night vision” display quality of the monitor.

About the sound… there is one more thing which I’d like to add. SafebabyTech can definitely use better quality speakers. During its overall functioning, the sound seems to be too loud; you know one of those car audio systems where the speakers are not calibrated properly or they are just too much to bear with. So, in a way, our baby seemed to be disturbing us a lot, added that her normal crying seemed like more of an ogre wailing from deep within a cave.

My wife won’t be happy for calling our baby an ogre, but of course I didn’t mean that. It was more of an analogy to depict the sound levels of the SafebabyTech speaker unit. Moving on, the power and connection cords are really short in length. If you know your way around wires, you can change the wires on your own, but that would permanently tamper the SafebabyTech official warranty. In other words, if you were to return the product for a refund or a replacement, Amazon, or the company itself won’t accept it.

Loved it or hated it?

Obviously, we didn’t hate the baby monitor, but as I mentioned earlier, there are some improvements that’d make it even better. Compared to the overall league of baby monitor and camera units, SafeBabyTech 7-Inch LCD Baby Monitor comes off as a strong product with minimum number of irritating features.