Word from Sony about Sony BDP-S590 Player

For something that requires a minor $87 – $93 expense, Sony BDP-S590 skillfully deceives its price tag – of course in an awesome way. Now I have seen tons of Blu-Ray disc players in the market, with prices that touch cloud seven. Not to mention the fact that such BD players often crash down because of their lousy lens performance, warranty that never works and tons of hassles.

All the more, such shenanigans alongside more than 700 positive customer reviews at Amazon have labelled Sony BDP-S590 an all time favorite Blu Ray movie player. Oh yeah, this one isn’t just an ordinary Blu-Ray disc player; this little puppy supports 3D Blu Ray discs as much as any number of high priced gadgets out there.

The Good Stuff about Sony BDPS590 3D Blu-Ray Disc and Movie Player:

These attributes come straight from the manufacturer, i.e. Sony. I am stating them down as it is. By the way, the actual pros of using this Sony Blu Ray player, based on my experiences, are stated afterwards the appended stuff:

  • Built In 3D Blu Ray Disc Player with 1080p Video Playback Support
  • Region Support: Blu Ray-A, DVD: 1 both at 60Hz
  • Media Remote Application for iPhone, iPad and Android OS Compliant Devices
  • Standard Output/ Input Ports: 1X Optical (Rear), 1X Coaxial (Rear) with other ports located at the back side of Sony BDP-S590 player.

Of course, one cannot simply buy a blu ray disc player or any other product based on the above pros. There has to be more to it. Here you are spending your cash, expecting to hear more about the upside of owning a brand spankin new DVD Player.

CNET’s Mathew Moscovciak Reviews Sony BDPS590 Blu Ray Player

First of all; this particular Sony BDPS590 model is not the latest of its kind. It was released quite some time ago, with other models, such as Sony BDPS390 and Sony BDPS790 following the lead. If you are looking to buy a more current version of this 3D Blu Ray disc player, I will definitely recommend the Sony S790 model.

However, for budget conscious users, the “Sony BDP S590 best price” is a term to get acquainted with. Here are some of the plus points that I gathered after using this player for a few days.

–          Sony never tells but the BDP-S590 has a very flexible backward compatibility. This Blu Ray disc player works flawlessly with older TV models. A guy at Amazon says that the player works fine with his 23 year old Sony Trinitron TV set! Wow, what more could you ask for?

–           Built in Wi-Fi support makes firmware updates, application installation and online streaming a breeze. (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Videos, Pandora Radio and Vudu are just the very few)

–          Sleekest looks give the impression of a $300 Blu Ray Disc player. Clearly, not only the Sony BDP-S590 is the cheapest player, but also the most elegant looking device in its department.

–          You will have no or probably minimal trouble running Mkv, DivX, Xvid and Mp4 format content. The “little trouble” part depends on bit rate and other variables that are only known to you at the time of playbacks. Sony BDP-S590 on Wood Top Panel - CNET Images

My First Week with Sony BDPS590 Blu Ray and DVD Player:

It kicked off as an overall awesome week. I had a couple of stress tests, movie marathons and unforeseen power outages lined up for this beautiful masterpiece. The first thing that I ever did, after connecting the Sony BDPS590 player was the Wi-Fi setup.

Internet access and the first time 5 minute update was necessary to brace myself for unparalleled experience. You should register at the official Sony TV website; just an advice to anyone who is looking to buy this player for long term use. Besides, it take a minute to reach out to Sony Customer Care if you have a Sony account already setup through this device.

That being said, I am a self proclaimed Sony loyalist. There’s a giant Sony Bravia LED TV and a PS3 right here under my belt. Before buying the BDP-S590, I had unusually high expectations. At some point, they did come crashing down when I saw the in built GUI, overall menu layout (not that you would give a damn about the interface) and disc reading performance.

On the flip side, the player works flawlessly. A number of people have complained about its slow lens performance. I did not encounter such fatal incidents during my one week use of the product. However, I did check Sony BDPS590 Len Issues on the internet. Even though some naggers complained about the lens being too slow, a lot of users said that once the disc was loaded, there was no stopping to watching the entire movie without any disturbances.

At the time of its release, the BDP-S590 3D Blu Ray player was priced at $140. Soon afterwards, it fell down to the $80 – $95 price range, which makes it an excellent gift for your loved ones. Personally, I think that this is one of those very few disc players that have elegant looks because many competitors go for black layout and fail miserably at it.

Take a Look at the Sony BDPS590 Disc Player Spec Sheet

Sony BDP-S590 Player Spec Sheet - Amazon Images

Design, Performance and the Overall BDP-S590 Feel:

Design wise, as stated a couple of times earlier, the player has unmatched looks. The only thing common between Sony BDPS590 and other players is the chrome black layout. The rest of the looks are totally different. On the top side, the entire paneling has a textured feel. Not only does this look good, but the texture actually helps in preventing greasy fingerprints and dust mites.

You have your standard style disc tray on the left side of this player. There is a front facing USB port (if you want to play movies from storage media) on the bottom right side of the player. As for the remote control, it has a very simple design. I would recommend Logitech Harmony series remote controls. Speaking of which, there is a review of Logitech Harmony 550 remote for you to read here.

The reason I am recommending that remote over the Sony BDP-S590 remote control is because the aforementioned is completely programmable. It is a universal remote control, which grants access to your entire electronic remote operated equipment in the household.

A Tale of Two Interfaces – XMB + Sony Traditional Layout:

Sony has blended the Sony style and Playstation 3 style interface for the XMB player. You know that Déjà vu feeling whenever you view something similar in life. The first time I saw the XMB interface of the Sony BDP-S590 player, I thought I had turned on my interface.

Past the XMB inspired layout, you will find out that the Netflix application in this 3D blu ray player does not share the traditional GUI – it has something of its own. Sony does not have its own media streaming interface, which could be a little confusing for people who think highly of the company. I do too. But at times when you look at the company this big, you expect something a lot better than the others.

In Built XMB Style Program Interface - Sony BDPS590 Player

As of Pre 2012 period, Sony, in collaboration with Netflix, released the Netflix App update. The main change was the interface since people had been having issues with the player’s proprietary blend of Netflix and XMB interface. On its own, Netflix app is still pretty average on the S590. At least it gets the job done.

The Netflix streaming experience was great. Even though I had the Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu Ray player set up in conjunction with my Wi-Fi, the buffering process was never interrupted. All my Netflix on Demand videos and streaming sessions carried out smoothly. If you are getting this player because of the Amazon On Demand videos and Netflix streaming, then it means that these two features are important to you. Go for the player – the streaming works amazingly well.

Blu Ray Lens Read Performance:

Finally, when we come to the Sony BDP-S590 Blu Ray lens performance, there is some stuff to talk about. Some reviewers said that the player does not play Disney Blu Ray discs. Well, to hell with that. I played ‘Finding Nemo’ and couple of other Blu Ray discs and they did not have any problem with this device.

Same goes for the ‘Star Trek‘ titles; very boring but worth testing the lens power. The point is that you can test the lens performance of Sony BDPS590 by scrolling through the menu and checking sub menu options. If it is responsive, it means that the lens is having no trouble reading your Blu Ray disc.

Solely based on my opinion, the player works very fast whenever it is skimming through Blu Ray discs. Scenes are loaded smoothly. There are no glitches and weird sounds whenever the player is in the middle of skipping chapters or rewinding stuff.

All in all, Sony has been fairly gentle with creating the Sony BDP-S590 Blu Ray player. It is definitely worth your savings if you are considering buying a cheap and yet highly effective player. Good job Sony – keep it up.