I have bought a number of Graco Strollers before; you can say it’s part of having a joint family system. My sister at other side of the city, bought baby walkers and some other strollers from different companies, which is why I prefer going for Graco products instead. They might seem a little expensive, but Graco, compared to BOB, Teds or Phil, offers sturdy build quality and better product life.

To be more specific, being a father, I am a proud owner of Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Pierce (this color selection is not available anymore though) and the Graco FastAction Fold Sport Stroller Click Connect Travel System, Gotham. Both strollers were purchased for the family; I gifted the latter to my sister because she was using an inferior quality product. Here’s my honest and unbiased intake on the Graco Fast Action Jogging Stroller:

Good stuff about Graco Fast Action Jogging Stroller:

Aside from the quality and build factor, which I will attend later in this review, the important thing about any stroller is its assembly. How fast you can fold and unfold a stroller during travel trips, a visit to any place outside or during random day-to-day chores? If there is one thing that babies don’t have, it is patience; they simply start crying if they are kept on hold for more than a minute or so.

  • Easy/ quick assembly:

You wouldn’t want your baby to bawl his/her eyes out while you are busy with the kickstand piece of your stroller? Of course not. The best thing about Graco Fast Action Jogging Stroller is that it comes with pre-assembled parts. I mean, most of the parts that are of vital importance are preassembled. With a snap or click, your stroller is ready for use within a few seconds.

it is easy to jog with this stroller

You don’t have to assemble the stroller in its entirety; there are some extra pieces. For instance, the armrest bars and storage cabinets for mobile phone etc are not needed. If you are going out on a long trip and require food storage, baby bottle storage or such things, then these little compartments can come in handy. Considering that you have other toddlers in the family, you can also hitch the extra kids’ tray on the stroller to make room for small items.

  • Quick lock brakes/ E-Z adjustable seat:

Graco made this particular model with a much needed addition of quick lock brakes. The back tires can be individually locked with the help of these brakes. There have been hundreds of incidents where earlier models of strollers rolled down slopes or went down on the roads while the unsuspecting parent was busy attending a call or something important. Many a times, there have been reports of fatal injuries to babies who had fallen victim to such calamities.

the storage trays are great convenient in this particular stroller model

Therefore, Graco took it upon itself to introduce quick lock brakes on the Fastaction Jogging Stroller. In terms of convenience, I’d say the same about the easy adjustable seat. All you have to do is push the seat up until you hear the click sound. Afterwards, the two bars at the back of the seat, need to be squeezed so that the seat can properly recline. Likewise, it is just as easy to collapse the Graco Fast Action Jogging Stroller. To do so, there is a strap inside the crease of the seat. You need to pull it up to help disassemble it all back to the same compact position.

  • Overall maneuverability of the stroller:

For any good stroller to be reliable, control and maneuverability matters a lot. I have seen couples returning their strollers after a week or so just because the wheels wouldn’t turn quickly, or the stroller wouldn’t give an even feeling on different surfaces. Therefore, it is important for the stroller to have good controls.

Graco fast action stroller view from top side

As far as this Graco Stroller model is concerned, I noticed an overall easy time while walking, jogging or just casually moving around. I find jogging part more important because the track where I take this stroller to, with my baby, has 90% gravel. The bad thing about pushing a stroller on gravel is that not only the small rocks tend to jam the wheels, but it is also a bumpy ride from start to the end. However, in case of this stroller, I only had to push with an extra effort, the rest was just fine.

  • If it’s heavy, it’s good (in my opinion):

Okay, so some people don’t want their strollers to be heavy. I get it; they have a very valid point. But lighter models are difficult to control on rough or uneven surfaces. Just now while I was mentioning jogging with this stroller on a gravel track, I know for a fact that any lighter model stroller would have been a disaster for my little guy in the seat.you can do uninterrupted jogging

At times, the Graco Fast Action Jogging Stroller might be a bear of a stroller to carry around, but its overall weight and heavy tires also add to the reliability factor. While it is a bit heavy, I can also vouch for the build quality of this model. Graco has definitely used good quality material, which may be a bit hard to lug around weight wise, but adds to the overall plus point.

But still, I am leaving the weight factor discussion as an open ended statement. It is a setback as well, but at least, based entirely on my personal experience and opinion, I’d vouch for the weight factor.

  • Bigger canopy:

The Graco Fast Action Jogging Stroller comes with a big canopy, and that too with see through mesh fabric. In my opinion, the bigger canopy protects the toddler’s face from direct sunlight and also allows him/ her to see easily through the mesh fabric. Often times, babies tend to get up or bend forward as a result of being too curious. The canopy’s mesh covering is a convenient tool to not only block direct light but also serves as a “window” for babies.

  • Trays and storage compartments:

Okay, this is bit of a debatable subject as far as trays and storage baskets are concerned. The Graco Fast Action Jogging Stroller has no doubt been introduced with the luxury of trays etc. but they are not perfect. The trays are perfect for keeping small items in them. Even if you are using something bigger than an iPhone, the tray/ smartphone holder will not hold the device properly.
it is all about ready set and go with this strollerUnder the phone holder, there is a storage glove for small items. You can tuck in a wallet, some tissue papers, necessary documents or items of similar size. This tray or parent storage section on the stroller is probably meant for keeping only the most important things in them.


In conclusion, I think that the Graco Fast Action Jogging Stroller is best choice for your hard earned money. In fact, if you are ever interested in buying a stroller, think of it as an investment. Given the fact that you probably have lots of relatives or a big family, this stroller will be making its rounds among other family members too. It is a well known ritual that parents hand over or sell their strollers and baby items to other parents in the family.

So if you are considering buying the Graco Fast Action Jogging Stroller, it will definitely serve as a prized possession for the entire family in years to come.