Plantronics is one of the leading manufacturers of both wired and wireless communication devices. I have previously owned and reviewed their products, such as the Plantronics Voyager Legend earphone/ headset. To this date, the device is working flawlessly, despite of years of rigorous use. Anyhow, today’s review is more about the conventional office headset system.


Who can or should use this headset?

  • If you are a small business owner who has to take a lot of phone calls.
  • If you are a CSR (Customer Support Representative) and have to attend to various customers at the same time.
  • Once again: If you are some sort of business owner, despite of not having any trained staff at disposal, and you need to manage work and take care of your clients.
  • If you believe that your work keeps you occupied even during special family occasions, so much so that you are “that guy who’s always on the phone.”

As for me, I use Plantronics products because I have a service oriented business. Since profit is not much, I have to give customer support as well, which is why I happen to have either the Plantronics Voyager Legend headset at my side when driving or outside, or the Plantronics Savi 740 at home when I am near a PC.

Moving on, the Savi 740 Plantronics wireless headset system is the latest model to follow up with the iconic 700 series. Previously the company had made Savi 710, 720, and the 730. If you ask for my personal opinion, I’d say that as a company when you have to release so many different “upgraded” models of the same product, then you better take customer response into account. Most of these so-called models are just a revision of some faulty mechanism or a couple of well-put suggestions that are only discovered later when the original model is out there.

Obviously the Plantronics Savi 740 is the best because of some reasons stated as under:

  • This time, the base unit of the Savi 740 offers connectivity up to three devices. You have the default headset option, the mobile phone option and the landline telephone connectivity feature as well.
  • While in the middle of any conversation, if your headset or Savi 740 battery indicator is flashing warning signals, you can change the battery without disconnecting the call or the entire unit. However, these Plantronics Savi batteries have to be bought as an extra because the box packaging doesn’t offer any spares.

The good stuff about Plantronics Savi 740 headset system?

Though I have not personally used Plantronics CS50 model, I heard that it had a robust durability factor to it. The reason I am talking about that other headset is because the 740 Savi is equally durable in terms of shelf life. You can use it rigorously, you can drop it once in awhile and it still won’t break. i.e. unless and until the headset already came with a fault, which would require immediate technical support from Plantronics itself.plantronics-savi-740-front-view

Anyway, the Plantronics Savi 740 is an overall lightweight unified headset system, based on different components. There is a base unit, a headset dock which needs to be attached to the unit, the headset itself, connecting cables, an AC power unit with dedicated cord and a micro USB cable to attach the unit to the PC if needed.

Right out of the box and after several days of use, I can scoop up some of the benefits of using Plantronics Savi 740 as appended below:

  • Extra earpieces: Just like with most of the Plantronics products, the Savi 740 also comes with 3 – 4 extra earpieces of various sizes. Depending on your ear canal shape, one of these pieces will fit perfectly, while the other ones will definitely be too big or too small. Likewise, you can toggle the earpieces back and forth in your ear to make them fit better.
  • Accessibility: for quick settings, the headset has buttons. You can mute a call, increase or decrease volume and perform other functions depending on your call priority. The base unit itself also comes with call and Mic volume adjustment rotation plates. You will have to open the side latch to expose them.
  • Good voice quality: I am overall satisfied with the voice quality. I’d recommend that you perform a couple of voice tests by making phone calls, or receiving them through the Plantronics Savi 740. I have heard that some Savi owners were not able to hear their clients, or vice versa. If that is the case, then you need to return the product immediately for a replacement unit.
  • This may not seem much but the headset itself fits perfectly on the docking station. The reason I am mentioning this is because aside from helping you dock the headset, the station also charges it. If, let’s say, the headset fits loosely then it won’t charge, and hence wasting your time in the long run.
  • Exxxtra batteries anyone? As mentioned earlier, if you have the budget, do go for extra Savi batteries. The biggest benefit of having an extra battery ready is that you can swap it with the old one in the middle of an ongoing phone call. No need to disconnect the entire system or the call itself. Even though the Savi base unit has a battery indicator that blinks at 25%, but sometimes you can forget to charge the battery after a day of constant work.

Last but not the least, the Plantronics Savi 740 is application friendly, as in it can be used with Skype or any other computer phone call software as long as need be. I tried it with Skype and other internet phone programs, they both worked fine.

Any bad stuff or setbacks of Plantronics Savi 740?

Plantronics could have put some extra effort into the phone connection cords. These cords are small; granted that you have a setup where the PC is a good distance away, then you will have a bit of a problem. I think there is a work around with extending the cord manually, i.e. if you are willing to attach a cord bought from market with the original cord via pliers and improvised connections. However, be warned that this way you will be voiding the Plantronics Savi 740 warranty forever.

If this is your first time purchasing a Plantronics product, and have no prior experience with such products, you need to research the other products in the same line as well. I am saying this because many people don’t know that all Plantronics models are not made to serve the same way. For instance, the Savi 440 was created for PC/ Skype users only.

In other words, if you bought a Savi 440 in hopes for making a one-time investment into a great product, you will end up with a VOIP compatible headset system in the long run. Same goes for the Plantronics CS50 series which I talked about earlier. This particular model was created for landline phone users only who ideally had a desk job where they had to attend phone calls all day.

Closing thoughts about Plantronics Savi headset system:

In particularity, I believe that Plantronics took all the constructive feedback from loyal customers, and only then they released the Savi 740 unified headset system. It is one of the most advanced headset units that combines mobile phone, landline, Bluetooth connectivity and a computer at the same time. Plantronics makes great products and I wish them all the best.

If you are a Plantronics owner and would like to share your experience, please use the comments section below. If you have not used any of Plantronics products before, well, Amazon is offering quite a number of them; head over there and see what tickles your fancy.

Word from Plantronics:

Plantronics Savi 740 lets you easily manage and switch between PC, desk phone, and even mobile calls up to 350 feet from your desk–all from a single wireless headset. Enjoy the comfort of this lightweight DECT headset and experience unlimited talk time with a swappable battery (additional batteries sold separately).