Over the last two years, I have bought and owned over 5 high class video projectors from Amazon. Not only that, but these purchases were made alongside 3D glasses and elite screens that helped me to enjoy all my media content the way it was meant to be. Let’s just say that I am a hobbyist when it comes to setting up home theater stuff.


Anyhow, before I start with the actual Sony Vplhw45es video projector review, I’d like to list down the previously bought projectors. This new one is fairly within high price range, the others that I have listed below are under $800 range. The 3D glasses and the Elite Screen series video projector screens all vary in size and price as well:

  • Elite Screens 125 Inch 16:9 Spectrum Electric Projector Screen (61.3″Hx109″W)

The good stuff about Sony Vplhw45es 1080p video projector:

The latest model is the 45 in the ES series of Sony Projectors; obviously, it is understood that this edition comes with better specs and juicy results. Even if I were to ask hardcore video projector fans out there, they’d admit to Sony Vplhw45es’ superiority over the other previous models, especially if a said person has owned the Sony 40es series unit.

I’d like to start with my very first projector: the BenQ W1070 which I bought over two years ago. Back then, it was a pretty basic piece of hardware; at least by my standards it was. The friends I was exhibiting this projector with, we all thought that it had the necessary technology to view stuff on the big screen. Nothing fancy.

This is a review done by a German user for this projector.

Now after 2 years have passed, tech gadgets have changed so much. The latest Sony Vplhw45es video projector is the living testament to what these devices have to offer. It may seem pricier, but the projector makes up for that price tag by offering a robust number of features, balanced picture quality, various viewing modes and compatibility options to go along with your audio equipment.

  • Improved picture quality:

Hands down, the video/ picture quality on the Vplhw45es video projector is definitely better. It improves when you are going all the way up to 1080p or beyond that; given that your display devices support that kind of technology. Speaking of which we are already headed out to new display scales that reach up to 4K and 5K. By the end of year 2017, I think at least 4K will become the industry standard.


So if I were to compared this model to the Sony Vplhw40es, I’d have to say that the contrast, sharpness and black levels on default are very good and improved. I was trying various scenes from Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit movie set, they all panned nicely and the black levels brought out some extra details that I missed out on previous projectors.

Of course, black levels on most number of projectors also depend on your screen quality. If you are using a homemade screen, despite of the fact that it is white in color, the results may be slightly inferior to a professional screen. I bought two Elite Screens series video projector screens from Amazon, and the black level details are insane. Colors are vibrant and brim with radiance in various aspect view modes without breaking the slightest image details.

Are you familiar with Reality Creation mode?

In addition to the crisp picture quality by default, the Sony Vplhw45es 1080p video projector also offers various modes. I already mentioned about them earlier in this article. One particular mode is the Reality Creation mode which stands out among the rest. It is a visual enhancement mode which is synched with Live Piano playing the background, which is not only breathtaking but also tends to take away the “boredom” factor easily.


Sometimes you will literally feel as if the event is playing right in front of you in the opera house. All in all, the picture modes, setup options and the sense of automation makes visual calibration and etc. a quick, painless and easy task.

  • Easy setup and hardware installation:

There is just one tiny little mistake that you could possibly make while setting up this projector. You see, if you have a proper ceiling clamp, then make sure that Sony Vplhw45es is going in the right way; the first time I screwed it tight, I figured out that the unit was installed upside down. That took another hour or so for me to open the entire assembly and then put the projector back in at its place.

Also, if, by mistake, you have setup Sony Vplhw45es or any other projector upside down, then make sure that you are using longer cables. The slight change in assembly can cause the default factory provided cables to run short; especially the HDMI that comes with this projector unit.

But wait, it is a debatable issue…

Now, I am also aware of the fact that depending on your ceiling clamps and assembly in which the projector goes in, the upside down position might be the most accessible and easiest to go along with. Sony technically made the projector to be installed upside down, which is not a bad option, but compared to many other projectors, it’s not the perfect position.


Anyhow, if you do set it up in the upside down position, then don’t freak out. All the connection ports will be recessed and easily reachable at the same time. The bottom half, which is technically the top side, of the Sony Vplhw45es video projector will be visible to people entering the room, and in this way they will not notice the bulk of cables hanging out.

  • The bad stuff about Sony Vplhw45es video projector?

Not exactly a setback or a number of “cons”, but these are some things that Sony needs to improve upon in their future video projector units.

Fan Noise: The projector itself is rather bulky and big in size. Given that the amount of processing power and technology it harnesses in its body, it needs good cooling system. The fan tends to get a little noisy when the projector heats up, but I am okay with it. At least when I am watching movies or playing games, I am not able to hear fan noise at all. It’s like who cares, really!

But as you see, some people are rather picky about fan noise – and to be honest, it can get irritating at times when you are only using the projector for office presentations etc. The point is that although it is not a “setback”, the fan noise is kind of unlikeable thing which Sony can fix in later models. No big deal.

Glossy surface: The Sony Vplhw45es 1080p video projector has a very shiny surface. You can say that its gloss finishing is similar to that of the PS4’s top left side/ panel. The only real concern can be that throughout its lifetime, the projector’s surface can easily get micro-scratches. So much so that if I am even touching it or having my fingers pressed hard against the projector’s gloss finishing, it’ll leave an imprint over there. You have to be careful.

To buy or not to buy this projector:

At slightly under the $2000 cap, this projector may come as an expensive purchase. However, if you are a hardcore video projector enthusiast who is looking to make a long-term investment in a decent hardware, then this projector is the right thing for you. Ultimately you will grow to admire its dandy looks and nice new features, especially once the usual “buyer guilt” settles in.

Wink Wink

Anyhow, if you already own the Sony Vplhw45es projector, please feel free to share your personal experiences through the comments section below, or by sending me an email at techguy@infinarium.com.