Rotary toothbrushes have not been on top of my priority list in the past; that is until I bought Waterpik WP-900 water flosser and sonic toothbrush. My perception and overall dental hygiene changed afterwards.

The name of this product may appear to sound a little “techie” to some folks out there, but now that I do own this product, I can proudly comment on its excellent performance. Especially if you have gum pockets or tartar issues, this tooth care kit do a lot more than cutting down on dentist bills.

Having said that, it does not mean that I have quit on manual tooth brushing. I still use the conventional toothbrush three or four times a week because excessive use of rotary brushes can take a toll on your gums’ and teeth health. However, when used modestly, these products can help to achieve long lasting health for your teeth, their overall cleanliness factor and issues related to bad breath etc.

water pik water flosser box image front side

Waterpik WP-900 water flosser is not the one and only product released by the company. Over the last couple of years. Waterpik has been carefully taking feedback from end users to improve on its product standards. For instance, compared to the WP-100 Waterpik model, the overall lifetime expectancy of the WP-900 model is way more. You will need to buy fewer replacement toothbrush heads, which is just one of the many plus points.

how the sonic tooth brush worksGood stuff about Waterpik water flosser WP-900 kit:

Here are some of my observations about the WP-900 water flosser by Waterpik. Though, over time, I will be posting updates concerning any issues or additional plus points of using this dental care toolkit. For now, the appended highlights will have to suffice.

  • Very easy to setup and start:

Right out of the nifty superb packaging, the Waterpik WP-900 flosser comes with a 1/3 % battery charged status. At least my unit was. You can either choose to charge the flosser before initial use, or you can fill its water compartment with a mix of mouthwash and water to get started immediately. Compared to other dental healthcare kits, this one does not hold at least does not come with that horrible clamshell recycled cardboard packaging.

It will take you a little while to get accustomed to the “feeling” of usual Waterpik products. In general, any water flosser has a way of getting out of control. Since the water pressure is too much and on their instructions manual, it clearly says, “let the water flow freely out of your mouth,” a lot of people tend to create a mess inside their bathrooms.

sonic brush with an extra pair of brushes packed separatelyMaybe during first few days, the water stream will pour down your hand, all the way to your legs and eventually the floor itself. On the bright side, you will have cleaner teeth whilst leaving a trail of watery mess on your clothes and everywhere. Don’t worry, it will take a little bit of practice.

  • Quick start guide and manual are well illustrated. They are detailed enough to help you get started if you are first time user of this water flosser kit.
  • Overall, the Waterpik WP-900 is very easy to assemble. The toothbrush part sets in easily in downward motion. If you want to take it off for cleaning, just pull it upward as in taking a cork out of a champagne bottle.
  • Two speed modes to choose from. At normal speed, the toothbrush on the Waterpik WP-900 water flosser can be used to clean regular easy-to-reach areas of the teeth. For resistant tartar and enamel deposits, use high speed mode and higher pressure intensity on the water flosser itself.
  • You can also pause the water flosser to stop the water flow, or completely suppress it. Do bear in mind that the button needs to be pressed firmly.

By default, this water flosser model comes with a 2 year warranty. I wouldn’t recommend sending the entire toolkit to Waterpik if there is a blockage in the reservoir valve. Such problems are easily solvable by watching YouTube videos or following the Waterpik WP-900 maintenance instructions in the manual. Given that there is a major defect, only then you should send the complete package back to the company for a replacement or a repair.

Closing thoughts about Waterpik WP-900 water flosser and tooth care kit:

In the end it comes to the most important part as I see it; is it a good decision to buy Waterpik WP-900 model from long term perspective? Yes, of course it is. Compared to some other competitor products, I noticed that the overall cost of toothbrush replacement heads is 1/4th. What’s more intriguing is that the WP-900 was made as a very durable product. You will hardly need to replace its brush heads or go for maintenance if proper care is taken.

For budget conscious users, it is a very nice deal. In fact, I’d say it is a great two for one price because of the electric toothbrush and water flosser combination under one visually striking package.