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The GoPro HD Hero: Outdoor Edition camera was made for the true adventurists; people who like to travel a lot; people who love to live for the moment; people who are not afraid to bungee jump with their lives at stake. This camera records those memorable moments, never missing a frame as long as its amazing battery lasts.

Holding the GoPRO Series 2 Camera in My HandsFrankly, I’ve reviewed enough DSLR cameras already. I was bored to death and wanted to bring out something new. And you know what? I have to apologize to all those outdoor enthusiasts who have always desired a camera that would withstand any amount of shock, external damage, underwater shooting and climatic changes. GoPro Outdoor Edition was definitely made for you if you love to travel day in; day out.

The Good Stuff about having GoPro HD Hero Outdoor Edition Camera?

– 1 Year limited warranty. However, you won’t need this warranty claim because the camera’s quality is simply divine. It is tough; it can absorb shocks and doesn’t break easily.

GoPro Hero2 Outdoor is waterproof. When I say it is waterproof, it means that you can swim down to 200 feet of depth without worrying about damaging the device. Maybe you are a diver who likes to capture sea life? Imagine the kind of details you would be shooting with this camera, 200 feet underneath the water surface.

– 11Mp lens with 90 Degree 1080p FOV recording!

There are some additional perks of having this device; I am going to get to them in a few minutes. First of all, I’d like to say that GoPro is not a great company. No point in rambling about something that’s not perfect. Why is that so?

I originally wanted to review the GoPro HERO3 series camcorders but they had sloppy customer reviews. Most of the people complained about how GoPro never received their phone calls or returned their emails. Not good at all.

So why am I reviewing GoPro HD Hero: Outdoor Edition camera? To be honest, this device did impress the crap out of me. Not only that, but it also has more than 400 reviews at Amazon, which adds to its credibility big time. If you are looking to invest money in a camera that you can take along on mountain bike races, road races, skating, field trips of any kind, bungee jumping etc. this is the thing made for you!

GoPro also released a diving case with reinforced underwater protection for the GoPro HD Hero2: Outdoor Camera. This diving case will cost you another $49, but it is completely your call. Granted that you are planning to go beyond the 200 Feet depth, the GoPro diving case is mandatory. Otherwise, it is okay if you haven’t bought it yet.

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The Bad Stuff about GoPro HD HERO2 Camera?

HD Hero 2 With Its Accessory | The NationalSome of the following cons are temporary setbacks. I will allude them to a possible future software update.

  • Overheating problem. The camera gets hot easily. Be careful when you are using it without any protective casing around it. I wouldn’t say that it gets burning hot, but for a small device that barely goes a few minutes into usage, it does get hot.
  • 3D feature can still use more improvements. Last time before February 2012, there was no 3D feature available in GoPro HD HERO2 Outdoor. They released a firmware update for that. The feature is pretty cool but if you ask an expert, he’d say that it can use some slight improvements here ‘n there.
  • After hours of video recording the HERO2 HD Go Pro churns out noise. You will hear this noise in the playback. I guess this noise is generated when the camera gets hot, or maybe when its internal cooling system is working at full throttle. During summer season, the end of your video footage recorded with this camera, can get pretty noisy.
  • Not all GoPro HERO2 models are alike. The earliest versions had a weak build quality. After receiving customer complaints, the company released a revised edition of this camera. The latest version has the best build quality for $300 investment. Even if this much money is a little heavy for your wallet, the device is going to be worth it. You’ll be happy.
  • Compared to the Original HD HERO Outdoor Edition, the GoPro HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition is better. If you have a choice between both devices, go for the latter because it has additional features over the previous one.

Underwater Girls Diving | Video Shoot with Go Pro HERO HD Camera

GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition Review for First Timers:

Starting right off with the photo quality, the HERO2 HD does an amazing job for a cheap camera. There are time lapses that let you take photos easily. Thanks to enhanced focus features, the camera doesn’t feel shy of delivering great results even when you don’t have enough light coming in from the source.

Of course, the primary purpose of this camera is not for photo shooting. You bought it because you want to take it outside for extensive video recording. Oh man, it records the finest quality video ever. The device has in built motion calibration system. You can shoot fast moving objects with minimal bleeding and motion blurring. The audio receptors are great, which is pretty surprising.

Side Note: If you purchased the GoPro Underwater Casing as an extra, you will have a slightly degraded audio quality on your videos. To overcome this issue, you can buy an external mic and mount it on the device. However, seeing that the casing will be closing all possibilities of sliding the wire in, there is a way around it!

You will have to drill a small hole in the GoPro Dive Case, preferably the diameter of the Mic wire, in order to overcome the issue. I had a friend of mine who drilled the hole without encountering any issues. If anything, the Mic held on strong, without ever falling off at the slightest bumps.


In summary, for less than $300, you will be getting a great camera that would suit your outdoor needs perfectly. GoPro guys did an amazing job of bringing a device into the market that is highly flexible. You can attach or mount this camera anywhere – whether it is your bicycle or your motor boat! Nothing can harness its unparalleled video performance and outstanding compatibility.

PS: You can buy flat lenses for GoPro HD HERO2 Outdoor from Amazon. These lenses don’t affect the video or picture quality at all. Check them out if you are interested.