By the time this article will be posted, Fallout New Vegas would probably be released successfully. The game is going to hit PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 shelves with full impact. It is because of the success rate of previous installments that the latest part is already high in demand.

Fallout 3 Details at Maximum Settings - Google Images

For first timers, Fallout is a franchise which is following a similar storyboard. The world broke into an Atomic warfare and whatever population that survived, moved to underground bunkers. In New Vegas, the protagonist is pitched against highly detailed and vast environments.

Bethesda software made those maps big, in order to give a life like isolated feeling to the players. You can spend 24 hours in the game straight on and it is guaranteed that you’ll have barely scratched the surface.

In New Vegas, you’re a courier guy who was left for dead after getting shot by one of his own. You’re on a quest to find out those who commit this heinous crime of planting a bullet in you. Fallout New Vegas is guaranteed to keep you interested and happy for hours on end.