random image of sony ps3 with the wording firmware highlited on it.

Just a few weeks ago, developers at Sony released a firmware update for the PS3. Well, guess what? Just at this recent update was made public, a couple of online platforms urged Sony to update the firmware, fearing that it’s security modules were too easy for jail breakers. Known as v3.56, the latest software upgrade “allegedly” combats the security breaches in a new manner.

As usual, once you have upgraded the system software of your PS3, you will be notching up its security parameters in the PlayStation Network. Jailbroken console owners won’t be able to access the PlayStation Network with as much fluidity as before.

At its core, v3.56 doesn’t really enhance anything, except for the fact that it was meant to abhor the jailbreak antics. However, this security patch is just the tip of the ice berg because jail breakers will be releasing newer versions of “their” illegal software for the PS3 underground community.

On a side note, Treyarch Games (Developers of Call of Duty franchise) have been complaining a lot about security issues in the Modern Warfare 2 title. I guess, with the release of the new security update for PS3, they will stop complaining for a couple of weeks. I don’t really mind my PS3 firmware upgrades. I haven’t thought of modding save games, applying custom cheats and changes at all.

Modding has its benefits, but in the long run, a modder’s intention does not coincide well with what Sony or any other console developer preaches in the online communities.