First off, the Chief Finance Officer: Fork Parker of Devolver Digital is so damn happy about Serious Sam 3, that he was recently quoted making a huge statement. The guy said, “Holy crap. I’m going for a boatload of cash off this game. If this comes out in Summer, my wife is totally getting the boob job she’s been asking for.”

serious same 3 final boss fight screenshot

Yikes, didn’t know that games were such a “Serious” business for Parker and his family. Tit job off of a game’s profit stream? C’mon are you serious man? If so, you didn’t have to be so open about it. Anyway, the good news about fans and followers of Serious Sam 3 is that they’re in for confirmatory news regarding the release of this epic title.

The developers have announced the inclusion of multiplayer mode, 16 Player Co-Op, an Egyptian landscape (I wonder what Serious Sam is doing in Egypt these days), and a truckload of different Combo moves.

Take a look at the appended screenshots to get an idea of how Serious this game’s gonna be. They’re “purdy”:

serious sam three shooting at enemies through the air