Here’s a theory about headphones that I thought you’d like to read – great headphones don’t have to be expensive, and “expensive” doesn’t always guarantee the best products. A few days ago, I had the pleasure of receiving Merkury Innovations Retro series headphones. Thanks to the kind courtesy of guys at Mobile Fun, they were willing to part ways with an extra pair.


My pair of Merkury Innovations headphones is Silver White in color. To tell you the truth, they are a rare breed and existing customers at Amazon are dying to get their hands on them already. The company has introduced the same pair in Black color (Codename: M-HR110), i.e. if you are interested in buying those instead of the Silver White ones. Both have the same identical look; the only difference is based on color and that’s it.


So what’s the good thing about Merkury Innovations Silver White Retro headphones and why you should be giving them a shot? Read on… or head over to the retailer’s website at

Good Stuff about Merkury Retro Headphones (Silver White):

  • Pricing factor, alone, lands you in on a cheap bargain without compromising on performance related aspects.
  • Bold colors with textured patterns that run alongside the entire fabric wired lining of the headphones.   
  • Tight, but snug, ear cups.
  • Comes in a dimension of 7.5’’ X 1.8’’ X 9.9’’ and weighs in at 11.2 Ounces. Not that you give a damn about dimensions, I figured that this is pretty much the standard size for affordable headphones out there.
  • Standard jack fits in all audio ports on a wide variety of equipment.


Over the years, I have dropped some serious cash on earphones and headphones. The first one; I don’t remember the company name, was a pair of earphones I purchase back in high school. They were not durable, but they had the piped music effect. Frankly I was sold on the effect and that’s why I stuck with them for a long time.

One thing I learned about headphones and audio products is that not all of them are of high quality. You spend so much money on these gadgets, expecting to end up with “the” ultimate home theater, or headphones for the long haul. Turns out that the term: “expensive” doesn’t always mean that the product’s gonna live up to its standards. Hurts like hell, doesn’t it?


Merkury Innovations Retro Series headphones are nothing short of $14.99. It is an affordable price range for a lot of people, especially the ones who just bought a pair for $40, only to end up getting ripped. The Silver White series has been known in the market as a Non Issue series. Speaking of issues, let’s take a look at some irritating stuff about these headphones.

Bad Stuff about Merkury Innovations Silver White Retro Series Headphones?

  • The wire is short. I mean, seriously it needs some revision. I appreciate the durable finishing on these headphones, but in the end, the cable is short as hell.


Let me elaborate on the wire issue. The short length prevents my movement. The cable is not that short but if you are sitting in a chair and need to slide back a few feet to grab something from another table, you won’t be able to make it. Frankly, this happens to me alot, since i tend to move my revolver chair while I’m working. Otherwise, if you are sitting in front of a computer, or a laptop, with a distance of a little over 2 feet, the wire will work fine. No movement hassles, or whatsoever.

  • Issue with Black Merkury Innovations Headphones

Since I am not a direct customer, I didn’t have a lot of background knowledge about existing issues. A number of Merkury Innovations headphones’ customers at Amazon are lamenting their decision of buying the Black pair. It says that the sound in either one of the ear cups is low, and it also tends to break at higher volume settings.

Listening to John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ was Soothing


On the contrary, all those customers, who bought the Silver White Retro series, were happy with their decision. Fortunately, Mobile Fun stocked up on the White pair a long time ago. Perhaps they knew about some of the issues regarding Black ones or I don’t know. But they made a good call, right when most of the customers are bitching about Merkury Innovations not being a good company.

An In Depth Scoop at Merkury Innovations Silver White Retro Headphones:

Needless to say, I am pleased with these headphones. Already, my JBL earphones have gone back into their original box packaging at the time of writing this review. To get the best experience out of your Merkury Innovations headphones purchase, please allow these sick puppies to burn in. You need to play a large number of audio tracks at a relatively higher volume setting.

Over 8 – 10 hours time span, these headphones will fall back to their optimal settings. This is what I normally do with all audio related products. A lot of people don’t know how to “cook”/ burn their recently purchased headphones, earphones and etc. This causes them to complain about something which isn’t entirely true in the long run.


Compared directly to other contenders, such as the $69 Skull Candy headphones, Merkury Innovations did a fine job. The Retro series snags some points due to its ballsy looks and crisp results. Skull Candy is also a great brand, but if you are not able to afford them, your second best choice should be the Retro headphones by Merkury.

Talking about the visual appeal factor, these headphones have a nice retro design. They have a cloth cable finishing which completely prevents tangling issues. The area of these headphones that’s supposed to go over your head DOES NOT have the standard plastic frame. Instead, I noticed that there’s a metal frame, encased neatly in a rubber material. Also, there’s an extra rubber like fabric panel, with an edgy design all along the sides. You can also adjust the height/ expansion of these headphones by sliding the ear cups/ Cans, in and out.

As far as the results are concerned, Merkury Innovations Retro Series headphones have optimal treble and bass levels. The bass factor does not come with overbearing results. In this particular case, I can say that the multimedia audio output levels were of high quality. It was only at 200% volume level that the sound started to break. I had to punch my ears into submission!

The only Gripe is that these headphones sound better when I play something on my HTC One X. I think it is because of the Dre series bass boost feature on the smartphone. I wish I had that, by default, in my laptop.


Here is a series of tracks that I tested:

  • One Hour Mashup Remix – VA
  • Hollywood Tonight – Michael Jackson (Video Song)
  • John Legend – All of Me (Video Song – Screenshot Included)
  • Bandeya – Soch
  • Company of Thieves
  • Ace of Spade – AC DC

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