Zippit Earphones are Downright Sexy and Extraordinary

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1 Aug

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There’s not a lot to say about Zippit earphones. Period. Now, I am not suggesting anything in a negative manner, but just alluding to the fact that these earphones work as advertised. So what is there to these earphones that other brands do not possess?


It’s the Zip!

Yeah, literally, instead of a conventional cable, the entire wiring is lined up inside a zipped structure. You have seen zips on pants, you have seen zips on a pair of worn out jeans; the point is that zips are cool, right?


With  Zippit earphones, at least the cable does not tangle at all. The zip itself can be extended or shortened to any length depending on your body frame. Other than that, the rest of the earphones’ performance, results and lifetime dependency is of normal quality.

The Good Stuff about Zippit Earphones?

  • Tangle free cable in the form of a zip.
  • Piped sound effect for an overall cool experience.
  • High quality zipper does not wear out.
  • Flexible under pressure make n’ model.
  • Suits all music styles.

Regardless of its unusual build, when it comes to the actual performance part, I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed. I mean the design is great, but how long is it going to make an impression? Here’s some of the things that I wish Zippit guys did better than the rest.

Bad Stuff about Zippit Earphones:

  • Sound quality is subpar/ average.
  • Piped sound effect is cool but it doesn’t suit all genres.
  • Ear buds have fitting problem as they fit loosely and pop out rather quikly.

The two most important factors that Zippit earphones lacked were the fitting part and the sound quality. The first time I tried to put up with the ear buds, they would not fit. Luckily this product comes with spare ear buds but their size difference does not matter that much.


The problem lies with the rubber quality. It is a little tough standard. Now when we are plugging the ear buds inside our ears, the rubber is supposed to be flexible enough to snuggly fit in. Sadly, this wasn’t the case with these earphones.

On the bright side, I had 4 pair of extra ear buds from JBL and JBM earphones. They always come in handy whenever I am having trouble with fitting any standard level earphones. Moving on to the performance part, the sound quality is above average. It does suit a variety of songs, but the output levels are rather preset at one point.


Increasing the volume does no increase the “thumpy” effect in Zippit earphones. Perhaps the best way of putting these earphones to use is by using them as a gift. If you have kids who love to listen to music, Zippit earphones are a great choice for that matter.

I remember my niece used to pull apart my earphones whenever she tried to untangle the cables. Zippit have a long lasting performance when it comes to resilience and overall build. It has been over 40 days since she’s been hooked to these earphones. The ISO compliant connection jack is portable across various platforms, such as iPhone, Nintendo, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color – so on and so forth.

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