We all know Amazon has been investing a lot in one of its Prime products, i.e. the Kindle. Through robust advertising campaigns; I’d say the perfect allegory of “it’s all about show and tell” is in motion, through various revisions and actual hard work, the company has succeeded with the tablet. I wouldn’t suggest that they actually succeeded with flying colors, but yes, Kindle series is a success and a flagship product that Amazon likes to keep in its arsenal.

Now that being said, nay, written, there are other versions of Kindle as well. There is the Kindle Fire HD series, the Kindle e-Book reader spanning over various generations – so on and so forth. More so, year 2017 is about to start, so Kindle E-reader fans will be getting their hands on advanced versions of the product, probably with an added twist of hidden features.

This review is about the 8th generation of Kindle E-reader, your state of the art Kindle E-reader Black with 6’’ anti-glare touchscreen and Wi-Fi connectivity, with or without special offers; it all depends on what you select during the final checkout phases in your Amazon cart. Yadda yadda yadda

My personal thoughts about Kindle E-reader product lineup:

Okay, just for a few minutes, let me say a couple o’ things about the Kindle E-reader franchise. It was in 2007 when Amazon first released the classic Kindle E-reader; you might as well call it the first generation Kindle device. It was nothing fancy, just a rough idea concocted into a tablet that would continue to replace real life paperback books, without causing too much strain on your eyes and budget alike.the-usb-connector-port-up-close-view-of-the-kindle-8th-gen

Now almost after 9 years they are at the brink of releasing the 9th generation of Kindle E-reader, which would eventually be highlighted in an upcoming Amazon press conference. But let’s not jump the gun here; I am of the view that Amazon took a lot of hasty decisions into releasing new generations of Kindle E-readers over and over again.

After the first generation Kindle E-reader, how long did it take for Amazon to release the second generation device? Maybe less than a year. Yes, I get it that the market is expanding and the competitors are always releasing an updated edition of their flagship device each year to stay “in” the warzone. However, Amazon rushed it too much.

To be honest, tablets and phones were not the retailer’s specialty, but hey, it’s a big fucking company and they can sometimes afford to experiment with new technology. The phone debate is entirely other issue because back when Amazon released the Amazon Fire phone, there were rumors that it’d hit rock bottom. Guess what happened?

Fire phone flopped but Amazon is still there, punching foes in the face and while not only releasing improved versions of its privately owned products, but also secretly developing new gadgets to astonish loyal customers all over the world.

In fact, I am also a loyal Amazon customer, and to be honest, I have never or hardly made purchases from any other website than Amazon.com. The real reason is the sense of trust, assurance and reliance on this company because they are not just any other retailer, they do a lot more than what others are doing. I am enrolled in a few Amazon startup programs, which I am not at a liberty to talk about here, but the point is that it’s one helluva company and they offer value. Other retailers are just offering products.

Anyhow, my point still remains under debate as to why Amazon keeps on releasing revised / “improved” editions of Kindle repeatedly. Yes, they want to stay in the competition, but by releasing some versions/ editions of Kindle E-reader, they are mostly under fire for lackluster performance. The reviews about Kindle Oasis E-reader were not great; they were shabby and just after some time, (cough cough… two months!) the company released the 8th generation of Kindle E-reader.

So there you have it, that’s a bunch of my thoughts about the Kindle eBook readers out there. Let’s proceed to the Kindle E-reader 8th generation product review, shall we?

The good stuff about latest 8th gen Kindle E-reader with 6’’ black screen:

The first and foremost question that begs to be answered, especially if you have owned a Kindle eBook reader before, why go for another Kindle when I already own one? Well, if you love to read books and that too without straining your eyes; we all know the dim light issues with previous Kindles, this one is the best product out there.


Nope, not Nook, not anything else, but Kindle 8th generation eBook reader is the real deal. It gives the accurate book like feeling as if you are holding a real paper parchment or book page. Also, the anti-glare screen and built in light sensors does not cause the display to go dim or too low.

Pricing factor: Also, it is the least expensive model among Kindle Voyage and Oasis series models, which is a big benefit on the plus side. In this regard, you need to sell your old Kindle E-reader via Amazon itself or eBay or to a craigslist creep, and buy the new model instead. As to people leaving negative reviews about this model, saying that the display is not bright enough, well, it is just like a real life paper. Have you ever looked at a piece of paper? Does it have a built in light or LED? No, of course not.

Display improvement: As a matter of fact, you will find that the font size, spacing and alignment is an added benefit to the reading experience. The text is spaced and appropriately represented to help increase the span of reading, without taking a toll on your eyeballs. You won’t be surprised if you doze off while reading Dante’s Inferno, or Call of the Wild on the 8th edition of Kindle E-reader; it is that good.

Unlimited books: Yep, that’s right. Over the course of several years, Amazon has built a repository of all kinds of books. Now, here’s a fun fact, the company actually started with book sales online, and eventually explored other product categories, but books are the bread and butter of Amazon.

Anyhow, Kindle users get to have free unlimited access to a huge variety of books. They are smaller in size, hence adding to your collection of books on the device, and often come with several added benefits (*Terms and Conditions Apply). As for the paid books, their price is around $2 or less than $2, which is not a lot to ask for as compared to an actual printed book these days.

I have seen Kindle version of books at Amazon for as low as $0.99. I am a Amazon Prime customer, with full year worth of Prime membership paid in advance, so I get to enjoy not Amazon Prime videos, music and other things, but also the occasional dab of free Kindle books as well.

Some Kindle books are recommended by Amazon through the “Special Offers” feature of your 8th generation Kindle E-reader. This is where you leave your Kindle in active or in sleep mode for a while and when you turn its display back On, you see an ad for a book or an assortment of highly rated books. Sometimes, there are ads for other products, but on the whole, Amazon does not bother its customers too much with advertisements, regardless of which Kindle product they are using.

Even if you are worried about running out of storage space on your Kindle E-reader, you can store additional content in the Cloud storage. Or perhaps you can upload/ backup your existing books on the Cloud storage space, and delete those files from the Kindle to make space for additional content. The point is that it works both ways.

Some added benefits:

  • As compared to other Kindle versions, spanning over different generations, the 8th gen Kindle E-reader is quite affordable. When compared to 7th gen Kindle, the new model cuts the competition in the pricing department effectively.
  • You can use the Amazon Kindle Voiceview feature to pair this Kindle E-reader with a Bluetooth device of your choice. As a result, your book will be read to you via the in-built software. The sound will transmit through the Bluetooth speaker. The only downside is that there is no speaker in this Kindle by default, so you are looking at making a small investment in a cheap Bluetooth speaker for the Voiceview to work.
  • The battery life lasts for a very long time so that your books can be read at an uninterrupted pace. Also, to save the battery, disconnect the Wi-Fi because it drains battery twice as faster.

The bad stuff about Kindle E-reader 8th generation Wi-Fi special offers edition?

Obviously every device that comes out in the market has its flaws and upside. Fortunately as a potential owner of the 8th generation Kindle E-book reader, with 6’’ inch black anti glare screen, you are looking at less number of setbacks because the company has revised a lot of issues prior to releasing this device. The end product is near perfect and meets the customer needs amicably.


Still, I have noted a few negatives associated with this Kindle E-book reader that are appended below:

  • The screen is not lighted. It means that you cannot expect it to work under certain atmospheric conditions, such as intensity of sunlight, your room light etc. The Kindle E-reader anti-glare screen will react differently to certain light conditions.
  • I don’t have a grudge with the screen/ text resolution of the 8th generation Kindle E-reader, but some users suggested in their reviews that it was too sharp. The screen resolution is 167 ppi, which is very low as compared to other more expensive variants of Kindle E-reader that go up to 300 ppi resolution. Still, it’s not a big deal and you will get used to the “sharp” resolution on this one.
  • The 8th gen Kindle E-reader is not 3G compliant, which means that you cannot download books or content via a 3G connection. You need to have a separate Wi-Fi connection availability to be able to download books on this eBook reader.
  • Since it is a touchscreen Kindle E-reader, you will not find the physical page turn buttons. Needless to say if you are an existing user of a Kindle which features page turn buttons, then you will have to get used to no page turn buttons with this product.

Overall, I think that this Kindle E-reader, being the 8th generation and all, is the first one to have Bluetooth feature. There’s also the Voiceview feature which I mentioned earlier in this review, and the device itself carries a lightweight profile.

  • Okay so there are many Kindle E-reader models at Amazon, which one is the best?

Despite of the fact that this is a review for the 8th generation Kindle E-reader, there is a possibility that you will end up some other Kindle eBook reader – and I don’t blame you for that. In fact, I am not forcing you to buy this particular model either. The question is that while you are at there at Amazon, contemplating buying “a” Kindle eBook reader, which version is most likely to fancy you?

  • Kindle Paperwhite: The classic Kindle Paperwhite is not only cheap but the earliest of its kind. It offers sleek and simple design and fulfills the intended purpose, i.e. to help you read books effectively. You can save your money by making a one-time investment in the paperwhite series.



  • Kindle Voyage: I have only mentioned the Kindle Voyage by name somewhere above in this review. The point is that Voyage is not only just a eBook reader, but a device that has a class of its own. It is expensive, has a very lightweight persona and possesses the origami look! You have to see it to believe it.


  • Kindle Oasis: Yes, this one is the most expensive Kindle E-reader out there. Amazon has featured it at the top of its product lineup with proper pricing. This particular model comes with robust battery life, very crisp display, page turn buttons (oh yes!), touch screen and even less weight as compared to its predecessors.



The common thing about all the Kindle E-reader types I have stated above is that they are all lighted. It means that have a built-in LED/ light mission feature for people who want a screen with self-illumination in it.

  • I have decided to buy the latest 8th gen Kindle E-reader, please recommend some accessories?

Although not necessary, but if you are looking to make an investment in your 8th generation Kindle eBook reader, then I also recommend some accessories.

  1. The protective cover is andatory on the ‘to-do’ list. If you are looking to protect your Kindle E-reader from getting any scratches or cosmetic damage, a protective cover is a must have.
  2. While you are at it, also go for a screen protector.
  3. Buy a USB wall charger to help you on your travels. While this Kindle E-reader does not come with a separate USB charger, Amazon has included the USB cable. Of course, they added the cable for data transmission etc., but you can add a wall charger to the arsenal as well.

I think that’s about it. Off the top of my head, I could think of these above three things that are important for a tablet user in general or a Kindle user for that matter. For any additional information about Amazon Kindle eBook readers or Amazon Kindle products, you can head over to the official Amazon website. Navigate your way to the Kindle devices section to not only see featured products, but also have a look at technical specs, dimensions, and other important features in detail.