Since the last time I wrote this review, Dell has released a multitude of other tablets in the Venue Pro line. One of the reasons as to why I am writing this review is because some people still consider buying earlier versions of the Dell Venue because of price constraints. Take it as a good bargain a flea market; light, portable and easy to use for day-to-day tasks.



  • Intel Atom Z3740D Processor ( 2MB Cache, up to 1.8 GHz Quad-Core
  • Windows 8.1
  • 64 GB Flash Memory, 2GB RAM Memory
  • 8 Inch Display
  • Wireless Bluetooth keyboard protective case

Dell venue pro 8.1 64 GB, first look:

I was really excited when I ordered this tablet, and to tell you honestly, it did meet my expectations after I held it for the first time. With a staggering 8-inch display, this tablet is lighter than an I-pad mini.  At times where most tablets come with a plastic build, the Venue Pro boasts of a rubbery finish, which as a matter of fact, increases the durability for this product.


For a budget device, one might think that it would be heavy and thick. However, that’s exactly what this tablet is not. It’s very light, easy to hold and carry, and well what do you know, it also fits my jeans back pocket. The tablet weighs about 0.87 pounds with a thickness of 0.35 inch.

Hardware finishing:

Dell’s venue pro comes with a power/lock button on the top right corner, a headphone jack, a micro-USB charging port and a volume rocker on the right portrait side.  The left side of the tablet is blank, and the bottom has a speaker. One thing that gives this table another plus is the powerful sound, that too for a tablet.



It has a 5 mega pixel back camera, and a 1.2 MP webcam, located towards the top right corner.

Going through the software:

As Microsoft decided to use windows 8.1 for 8 inch tablets, it has been making improvements on many levels. The improvements made the use of these small screened devices worthwhile. For instance, there’s a new keyboard shortcut, which allows you to swipe the spacebar to go through all the spelling suggestions.  More or less, all of the main features of windows 8.1 are present in this tablet.

There’s a start button on the lower-left corner of the desktop, which is always visible.

Performance and battery life:

Intel has introduced these Bay Trail processors, which play a vital role in making this tablet noticeable. These processors are strong enough to handle Windows Store apps, as well as lightweight desktop programs, like Spotify, HipChat, iTunes. It’s a delight to switch through programs in this tablet, as it speeds through the animations and transitions, and takes no time to open the applications.

The processor used in this machine is Atom Z3740D, which has a lower clock speed than the processor used in other tablets which is Z3470. In addition to that, it provides less RAM support in contrast to other tablets, that is 2 Gb. Surprisingly enough, I did not notice much of a difference, as I thought I would.

IMAG0439What I loved most about the Dell Venue Pro is how easy and quick it is to browse through the internet. The device raced through all the tabs, loading pages and some of the tasks rather quickly. I did not put it to any specific benchmarking or stress test software. The latter also goes for videogames; Venue Pro is not made for gaming. I mean come on, you can’t find everything in a 8 inch tab.

Dell’s venue Pro has a total battery life of 7 hours and 19 minutes, whereas Dell insists that its battery lasts up to 9 hours. But then again, it also depends on the usage of the device. A light use might stretch the battery life to 9 hours. However, do notice that when I used the device, I did fix the brightness at 50 percent.

I turned the ambient light sensor on, and had a continuous video playback. With that the battery ran for about 8 hours and 40 minutes. So let’s say if we leave the auto-brightness on, and some light work on the tab, the battery might  last for 10 hours.

Overall experience:

I’ve had the experience of using IPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung galaxy tab and ASUS VivoTab RT. Tabs are normally great for doing all sorts of stuff, like browsing internet, playing games, downloading stuff, editing pictures. But for a person like me who needs to make official documents, it has always been a hassle, shifting downloaded stuff to my laptop, or taking both my laptop and tablet along with me whenever travelling, this tablet was a breath of fresh air.

This tablet comes with Windows 8.1 and it specifically comes in handy whenever I have to edit or make new documents. It has a full version of Microsoft office 2013, Visio and project, in addition to other applications.

Dell has also released a keyboard and a stylus which is compatible with the tablet, and for users like me this is an excellent combination.

Negative points of this tablet:

While this original version of the Dell Venue Pro tablet series covers most of the points that a nice laptop would, there are a few loopholes that the company needs to fix for next versions. The power button is at an odd place. If you are viewing the tablet in a landscape position, the button often gets pressed, turning of the screen, which can be very annoying.

I had ordered stylus and case along with the tab. The pen holder is situated along the right side of the case, vertically. When in use the pen deactivates the touch of the tablet, hence making it very difficult for me to use the touch pad without taking the pen out of its holder. It will be useless to order this casing with pen holder positioned at such a place.

The outer casing of the tab is made up of soft rubber, which seems pretty durable, but its actually scratch prone, especially when it comes in contact with objects such as keys, pencils. So you might need to be careful with that.

My perspective:

I would certainly advice to give this tablet a go. It’s cost efficient, easy to carry, light weight with excellent functioning. 64 GB memory provides it with that extra oomph that most of these devices require. Visually this tablet is a marvel and one experiences fast browsing. Using this tab for professional purposes is also a delight as it offers programs for which we have to shift to a laptop. This tablet is a must have for people who would like to carry an all-in-one portable laptop/tab.