Pixie Loft on the Samsung Product Launch Event - Google ImagesYou all know how tech product companies test their products. Normally these guys have professional testers who’d take the “yet to be released” gadget and put it to strenuous testing phases.

However there comes a company with something new to offer. Let’s say we have Samsung; they have been dabbling in handing out there products to common public users.

This helps the company get raw and original feedback from users. Compared to professional testers, a common man would probably make a hundred new suggestions because he is not “testing” the gadget within the confines of a small office. He is not paid to do anything; he just wants to use the said product for the sake of curiosity.

How is Samsung Doing it?

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy tablet is going through a huge testing phase. It’s the subway channels of London that will test the tablet’s overall performance while they’re encapsulated in those speedy tubes. Londoners are calling it a “smart way” of testing the upcoming Android OS and the overall internet related capabilities of the device.

Good news is that Samsung was more than happy to let these tests initiate. It is more of an official testing session, which is probably the most unique thing any smartphone company ever did in its history. Along the underground channels of Liverpool Street, Balham, High bury & Islington and Ealing Broadway, Samsung has deployed its personnel to loan the tablet to eager consumers.

Once the train is on its way, you have all the time on your hands to test the tablet. Once you’re off, the device has to be handed over to the company’s representative at the next stop. Failing to do so, will have some heavy repercussions on your pocket and reputation. The tube testing phase will be going on for 48 hours over Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.

Samsung plans on running this gig for several weeks, because the company wants to achieve these two objectives;

–          Create awareness about the tablet and its overall features

–          Make an attempt to slash down iPad sales

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