As if I were the guy sitting next to Larry Page; Google’s CEO, in a bar and heard all his dirty secrets? Oh no, it wasn’t like this. But the idea of Page talking about Steve Jobs; Apple late CEO, over a shot of tequila seems interesting.

Larry Page, Google

Never mind, here is the real deal. Larry said that he was “friendly” at times with Steve Jobs. It was an ‘On and Off’ kind of friendliness. Of course, if you look at Larry Page’s mug shot you will notice that he appears to be a total nerd.

Who would want to hang out with him? Just kidding. The guy is Google CEO and I, on the other hand, am just writing an article which will go down in the history of internet as another, well… article. So I take my words back. Larry Page, you make me jealous. End of the story.

Coming back to the company CEOs being friends, that’s entirely a different thing. Last time when Larry Page; Google’s CEO, had an interview with Fortune Magazine, he said that Steve and I were friendly at times. What about the times when he wasn’t so friendly with Steve Jobs? Does that count too?

Steve Jobs did mention somewhere that he is willing to initiate something with Android. But then again, Apple is too rigid. Apple’s Snobby Board of Directors with their ‘Light Connector’ charged middle fingers would have never approved of Android and the iOS working together on the same device. Let alone, the idea of an Android and iOS hybrid would have been too much.

Oh wait! I just had a thought. What if Steve Jobs really wanted to do something with Android and someone from Apple heard about it? Was Uncle Steve’s death a conspiracy? Who knows? Walter Isaacson wrote a biography about Steve Jobs. Isaacson says that Jobs was ready to go to a thermonuclear war because he believed that Google stole Apple’s ideas.

Larry Page, on the other hand, wouldn’t say much about it. He vested most of the questions to his heart. Of course, he is Google’s CEO so anything he said, would have been NEWS immediately. Page did say that he doesn’t like to rally his company over other company’s ideas. He did not elaborate on his feelings for/towards Steve Jobs though.

Page also thinks that Google is now the ONLY Company that is ready to transition and innovate in the mobile advertising business. It could be true because Google is leading so far with its intelligent Ad system. However, there is also a possibility that some other company might be able to create a better mobile advertising platform in the next 3 or 4 decades!