It has been decades since Google was launched as a mere search engine. What we have today is a long line of services that people have begun to use on daily basis – except that Google is directly or indirectly involved in either owning or operating those business models.

Think about traffic lights, satellite surveillance, cameras, maps, social networking and of course search engines; Google is there to “serve” you.

Yeah, serve you with what? – If you might ask… Well, serve you with good quality services and of course, take your data and personal information to use it for “other” purposes. After the NSA and PRISM program leaks, Google has raised a lot of eyebrows from all corners of the World Wide Web community. I see people talking about Google at Reddit and many other websites.

As much as we complain, we also use Google services whether we want them or not. Some people do it knowingly, while some people have no better option. What do you propose? What if Google wasn’t there at all, or perhaps the company was more loyal to its daily basis users; what kind of impact would it make on the society?

“As for recent reports that the US government has found ways to circumvent our security systems, we have no evidence of any such thing ever occurring. We provide our user data to governments only in accordance with the law,” said Google spokesperson Jay Nancarrow to news sources.

Jay Nancarrow Official Google Plus Profile

I get it; the entire terrorist network thing, protecting our country and the entire mankind from WMDs and even domestic crime (authorities using Google services to locate someone on a particular street) – the government says that it is for our protection. If it were true, then why do we feel so vulnerable all the time?

Here’s what Google mostly says at its Blog in regards to privacy matters:

  • We are not invading anyone’s privacy.
  • Other companies have been providing a similar service like this for years on end and we are not doing anything different.

Here’s an interesting theory; I have always wondered whether the “Incognito Mode” in Google Chrome is actually good at hiding something? Technically when we look at the back end, we are still using the company’s browser under the guarantee that at least our browsing activity is not being logged anywhere. It’s what they try to make us understand in layman terms.

At the end of the day, we are normal people (at least most of us are), with jobs, families to look for, loved ones and an average income. We trust Google, Yahoo and all other companies because we’ve been told that it is for our protection against criminal activities, cybercrime and terrorism.

The same companies use the same laws and policies to spy on us. This is what harbors that element of “distrust” and it will continue to be like this in the future. Then there comes a point that we start questioning the person inside our collar: “Am I hiding something? If I were not, this company wouldn’t have kept tabs on me.”  

What do you think is the solution to this dilemma? Keeping the “protection” element in view, what is Google or any other company for such matter, do to make us trust them again …