Social networking websites are taking part in the ever growing Halloween fever. You can post your Halloween costume pictures to various online platforms to win exclusive bumper prizes. However, if you think of this way, there are over 500 million users on

Halloween Cosplay Costume Collection

And we’re not even taking other social networking websites into account. You’re going to need a really nice costume to win that competition because of so many participants. Take a look at some of the costume tips that will definitely get you noticed;

  • Merton:

It is a simple costume concept; dress up as a Mashable Merton and you’ll be separating yourself from the rest of the online lot. The actual components of the costume are really simple; you’ll need a webcam (for authenticity), thick pair of glasses, drawstring hoodie and a nice pose.

  • Old Spice Guy:

That’s a little daring movie for the male population out here. This is a really simple gig; get a towel, a couple of Old spice bottles and a few medals to bring out your pigeon chest. If you have a huge belly, don’t forget to wrap the towel a little high. And get rid of that bush if you have any…

  • Sad Keanu:

Ah, this one never fails and it will never cease to turn a few heads. Just copy Mr. Reeves’ outfit, move to your closest dump and sit down with those hobos. A couple of pigeon droppings and half eaten sandwich will make it look more real.

Share your cosplay pics and comments through the comments section below. In case you having trouble attaching your pics, you can either post an online link, or send me an email at; I will write a post dedicated to your Halloween costume for this year.