Subscribers of the electronic card payment system: EppiCard had to face trouble making transaction all over nineteen U.S. States. Apparently, the problem occurred in payment processing through one of the unusual glitches.

Eppicard’s official webpage jolted to a halt at around 4:30 PM yesterday afternoon, which they are saying was due to a technical error. At least that is what the company’s spokeswoman: Ken Ericson was saying that day. Since the past few years, Eppicard has established itself as a successor to Xerox Company. Eppicard is affiliated to a program of online computer assisted payment solutions.

A Disgruntled Eppicard Card Holder Showing her Card - Google Images

Eppicard clients are mainly complaining about the hefty fee structure. Regardless, these users still manage to get by with whatever the company is offering despite of all kinds of complains. What I personally don’t like about EppiCard is that they charge their customers at times when they are calling in for support.

EppiCard cards are offered normally to people with long unemployment records, child support payments, welfare benefits and other government related payment aspects. All EppiCard cards don’t work like a typical MasterCard or Visa cards. They’re only compatible with state issued payment solutions though, meaning you can’t actually use an Eppicard card like a MasterCard.

The fastest and effective way of avoiding Eppicard fees is by posting threads at various online forums and websites for that matter. The good thing about company is that it takes a special look at the official forums and tries to accommodate users in the best possible manner.