Authors Guild official LogoThis morning, I wrote a little bit about Nikon cameras for folks who don’t have much to spend; look what else have I dug up for you? In the news today from strange and weird fact files, Google was once sued by a group of photographers in regards to the Google Books project.

In 2010 when thousands of books were being scanned and Google was being backed up by a number of notable libraries / literary circles, readers commuted against the search engine giant. The problem was that some people, especially photographers and digital artists did not want Google to scan books.

If I have to mention specifics, I’d like to talk about the American Society of Media Photographers in the context of a lawsuit filed by them against Google. The lawsuit said that Google has infringed copyright and trademark policies of:

  • Digital artists who did not know that their books were scanned and then converted to eBook format.
  • Photography book authors who had no consent in letting Google scanning their published work.

Not only that, but the members of the Authors Guild also voted against Google Book project. The ironic thing is that when this entire ruckus was going against the company, people thought that Google will go down swingin’. Well, the company is still here, in fact the entire Google organization has grown by a ginormous business volume; it released Android and literally owns the internet.

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As for the old Books issue, the Authors Guild, the members of ASMP and appended communities were noticeable with respect to their level of involvement:

  • Graphic Artists Guild
  • Picture Archive Council
  • The Professional Photographers of America
  • North American Nature Photography Association

Google is of the view that their popular campaign (Google Books) is an effort to make a huge pool of knowledge available to millions of hungry minds. I personally believe that this was a commendable effort back then, and it is still worth appreciation from many people who don’t have direct access to a reputable knowledge base.

Think of all the inaccessible data for a while, and you’d be surprised to know what some individuals have to go through to get those books. A few hours ago, I was looking for Tim Hildebrandt’s ‘The Fantasy Art Techniques of Tim Hildebrandt’ book on the internet. Many years ago, I had this book in paperback edition, but I made the mistake of lending it to a guy who never gave it back.

Today, I miss that book a lot. It would have been pretty helpful for someone to point me to a resource where I can download a digital version of this book. A few 3rd party sellers are selling Tim’s book at Amazon, but their delivery dates are messed up.

Anyhow, moving on with the old Google Books debate, the company managed to get the ASMP, Authors Guild and the AAP to sign a mutual agreement document in October, 2008. Still, there are few small-to-mid scale companies that are not too happy with the move.