In a latest update to its transparency report, Google declared statistics to highlight to HTTPS security protocols granted to YouTube users from all over the world. The company stated that almost 97% if its YouTube user connections are encrypted to provide maximum privacy to device owners.

live streaming through mobile phones has been made available at youtubeThis transparency report has been maintained for almost a year now; a new feature that Google decided to share with consumers. Aside from online privacy, the idea of the report is to show that YouTube takes over maximum percentage of HTTPS encrypted connections in comparison against Gmail, Google Finance, Google Sheets, Google Maps – so on and so forth.

HTTPS itself was applied a long time ago; earlier the YouTube network was running on a simple HTTP connection protocol. The company officials argue that HTTPS enhances the connection reliability, speed and response time after months of testing and implementation. In order to minimize common connection lost or video streaming errors, developers deemed it feasible for the HTTPS application once and for all.

Since YouTube itself is now part of almost every smartphone and portable device in form of default application, the overall server/ connection load became a staggering cause for Google to take prompt action. According to an insider at Google, “People watch YouTube videos all the time from the comfort of their phones, TVs and etc. It was discovered that the HTTPS connections improved quality of user experience after we tested both protocols via A/B tests. The former literally eliminated many types of streaming errors.”

It is expected that YouTube’s web connection protocols will undergo several revisions to give a 100% performance and privacy boost to users. We all remember how Google improved Gmail over the last couple of years; same can be expected in case of the online media streaming network as well.