We have all seen the recent tablets that came out during the last few weeks. A friend of mine was in mood for purchasing Microsoft Surface Pro for the sole reason that it came with an i5 processor. Given the price range of this device, and an expected arrival of new tablets, I asked him to wait a little while.

HPs first 64bit Windows Elite Pad

Guess what, it was worth it. Hewlett Packard made announcements concerning the release of an updated and latest version of their ElitePad series tablet. Embedded with Windows 8.1 64b installation, Quad Core Bay Trail processor, and 128 Gb hard drive space, the tablet’s performance exceeds expectations easily. The company, at least in my opinion, made the $739 price tag equivalent to the device’s worth by offering a 1900X 1200 MP display on a 10.1 inch touch screen.

On the contrary, Dell is also aiming to introduce upgraded version of its Venue series tablets as a result of competition streak that’s been going on among these companies. During a recent press conference and computer gala, HP showcased the ElitePad’s latest version running in ready-to-be-released and fully tested mode.

The final release date for this highly anticipated gadget is expected to be somewhere in March 2014. On a general scale, most of the tablets coming out these days are based on Intel processors, or a redesigned quad core atom series architecture. Speaking of Acer tablets, I heard that they have released something with an i7 Intel process, but I have not received a concrete update on the make and model of the device.

Principal analyst from ‘Insight 64,’ Nathan Brookwood said, “The pressure for (releasing) 64 bit is pretty strong because IT organizations want to standardize on 64 bit images and 64 bit apps.” In comparison to this statement, we do have Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 tablet. It is more of a hybrid series model with an Intel Haswell processor.

However, in some circles, the Surface Pro 2 is underrated because of its high price tag and failure to meet a consumer’s expectations. Intel Haswell processor, alone, in Surface Pro 2 does not justify its worth in comparison to its HEAVY price tag.  What do you think? Care to leave an opinion in the comments section below? Go ahead.