GPS tracking is the recent move by school authorities against or in favor of studentsSkipping school is always fun, i.e. if done in the most sneakish manner. I remember my good old days; my brother and I would skip an entire day of school for a couple of arcade games. Yeah, good times, good times!

However, I can’t say the same for the modern school skipping generation. You see, a group of schools have come up with tracking program just to kill some neat party time for students. Dang! Why can’t they invest their money in something else? For instance, the scientists over at Asian borders invented an artificial cockroach that interacts with its real life counterparts.

Anyway, coming back to school skippers, the California school districts have come up with what’s called the best tracking program to nail your sons and daughters where it hurts the most! The GPS device is believed to severely affect the way students have been coming up with lame excuses.

  • My mom was sick yesterday, so I couldn’t show up!

Oh, so your mom was called out sick at HotShots? Was she crashin’ a party there?

  • My brother died last week, so I wasn’t able to make it to the classes!

Really? Our GPS shows that you have been hanging around at the beach and condos this entire time. Were they holding funerary services over there?

A lot of American kids skip school, skip classes or an entire Summer semester – but not anymore. Recently, the Anaheim Union High School District opted in for a 6 week GPS tracking program. This program will monitor kids, who have been coming up with poor attendance record lately. Did you know that schools actually suffer a monetary loss whenever students don’t show up? Well, I didn’t so this kind of news was new to me as well.  

How does the student GPS track program work?

The kids, with more than or an equivalent to three days of absence, will be given a GPS unit. These lucky entrants are expected to enter a unique code in the device 5 times a day in order to let the school authorities keep tabs on them. The timings for entering these codes are fixed;

  • Once when they’re on their way to the school
  • Once when they’re inside the school
  • At Lunch Time
  • On the way back home
  • In the evening at 8 PM after reaching home

Normally, I would root for the 8 PM option because we cannot compromise on safety standards. Especially the way how insecure our environments have become, it would be better for students to keep someone informed about their whereabouts in the evening.

Some parents will probably think that the school authorities are taking it too personally. Some parents might think that their kids’ privacy is being breached. But it’s a matter of looking at things from a brighter perspective. Granted that the security situation isn’t good these days, your kids will be at least monitored on daily basis so that nothing wrong happens to them.

As of now, there are 75 students with poor attendance records. They’ve been willed to join the program. By the way, the school guys spent over $18000 on these GPS tracking units. Each unit costs something around $300. However, they are offering discounts on bulk orders, which does sound kind of funny. In the end, if the program results don’t go as expected, it’ll be just another blow to the schools’ bank accounts.