Between the Samsung ES8000, PN51F8500 and the UN55F8000, the latter is better. Not because the other two TV sets by the same company have a lack of screen size going on; it’s just that the UN55F8000 model stands out because of certain particularities. I will talk about them, but first I need to address the pricing issue of the ongoing 55 inch LED TVs.

First of all, they are expensive. I mean when I was busy writing this Samsung UN55F8000 Smart LED TV review, I was bothered by the $2,500 price tag. People who are running on a budget, especially the ones with taxes hovering all over their paychecks, would want to buy a TV that would last a lifetime. You save up; God knows for how many months – and now you are here to buy an LED/ LCD TV which you have no idea about.

At least you got attracted because of two possibilities:

  • Company name and the advertisement campaigns going on for a particular TV set.
  • Word of mouth because your friends and family members have been using the same company products for years now.

Just like Sony and Panasonic, Samsung has also become a household brand. I am here to help you decide upon the UN55F8000 55 Inch TV as a sound choice. I have had this TV for over a month now. At the same time,  I am also using a Sony Bravia for my living room, but the Bravia is obviously no match for the FS8000.

Front View of the F8000 Samsung TV

On the same note, if you are considering the Samsung ES8000 TV model, I wouldn’t recommend that. It is because of the fact that the ES8000 possesses cloudiness issues and has more flash lighting than rest of the TVs in the same product line. The “F” series is better, faster and more improved. Here’s why:

Good Stuff about the UN55F8000 Samsung 55 Inch LED 1080p HDTV:

  • 1080p HDTV with Micro Dimming: Best picture quality
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate: Best for general viewing, video games, action movies, and sports.
  • Smart TV with Gesture Controls and a Built in Camera: Interact with streaming content and the web
  • Thin LED Design: TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): 48.2 X 27.5 X 1.4 Inches, TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 48.2 X 29.1 X 12.2 Inches

I would recommend that for any TV set, you should follow a general rule of thumb. Right now, if the F series of Samsung TVs is popular, hold on to them for a few months. Later on, sell the TV as a slightly used product through Amazon, eBay or whatever your mode of trade it. This way, you will have to chip in a small amount of cash for a brand new future proof television.

I also see a lot of 1 star negative feedback going on about this TV at Amazon and eBay. Many a times these customers are not actually customers, but are people hired by other companies. This is just one of the lousy marketing campaigns that some companies indulge in, just to make their competitors suffer. Secondly, even if some of the Samsung UN55F8000 TV customers are legit, they usually downvoted the TV because they did not configure the TV properly.

Based on my experience, here is a detailed analysis of the UN55F8000 55 Inch LED TV which I could come up with.

  • Samsung UN55F8000 TV’s Firmware Issue:

Firmware Issue with Samsung F8000 TV

At the moment, I am running this 55 inch beast on firmware version 11.10. With this version, you are supposed to set the following settings

–          3D Settings (Light Control) should be set on High. If it resets to Low every time you watch movies, you will have to bear with it.

–          Netflix, Amazon Prime, DLNA, Vudu and etc.; their videos have Cinema Black mode disabled. If it persists, you can try flashing the TV’s firmware to another version. However, I would recommend that you wait for the upgrade.

  • Picture Quality:

One word: fantastic. The picture quality is absolutely stunning and it gets better after you have gone through the tweaking guide in this review. The black and white levels are deep, which means no fuzzing or grey areas come up in your display. You are not supposed to concentrate at the corners of the UN55F8000’s screen, but if you do, you will find minimal flashlighting over there.

Try the PC mode and let me know at how it went.

  • Samsung UN55F8000 TV Micro Dimming:

This is what the screen looks like when the TV is off

With Micro Dimming Ultimate enabled you will be seeing true to life visuals. The TV will max out the contrast between light and dark areas of the transmissions. The earlier models of Samsung Smart TVs had micro dimming in them. However with the ultimate” feature thrown in, I am noticing twice the area/ zone where the true to life effect can be seen easily. The halo effect is also not there anymore.

  • Local Dimming in UN55F8000:

The dark levels are dimmed to make them appear solid black. As a result, the actual part of your picture is not affected, while the surround black area appears to be completely out of focus for you.

  • Viewing Angles:

I prefer using wall mounts for LED and LCD screens. It offers better viewing angle, as compared to placing the TV on conventional stands. The stand mode works too, but it’s just that I am in love with wall mounting. Do not mount the TV too high. It should be in your viewing sight if you have a number of chairs/ seats or sofas decorated around in a circle formation.

  • Any Discounts available on Samsung UN55F8000 55 Inch TV?

Discounts are a little hard to come by. There is very little amount of bargaining when you are buying a product online. However, you can type down this TV’s name at other online retailer websites and make a comparison. Include shipping cost, taxes, shipping mode and feedback from other customers before finalizing your order.

The F8000 Remote control

I bought the UN55F8000 from Amazon because they have an overall better customer service. At your local store, you are probably going to get a flat $2,000 price for this TV. I doubt it though. The minimum I got on this TV was $2,075. If someone is offering the TV for 2 grands, take it.

  • Good thing about UN55F8000 TV Stand:

Samsung really topped off the SMART slogan by introducing a few additions to the TV stand. This time, they have a rope and oversized plastic screws to discretely help you keep the TV in place. At times, little kids in the house try to yank these expensive LEDs, which cause massive damage to your pride and of course to your budget as well.

Not a Great way of Mounting this Expensive TV

Weird way of mounting the TV in your room

That being said, I am not a huge fan of TV stands. They appear to be more vulnerable when mounted on stands.

  • Wall Mounts for my UN55F8000:

Cheetah wall mounts are good. They are widely popular at Amazon and at other retailer websites. Plus, they are also very cheap. However I tried a low profile wall mount set from Monoprice. This one cost me around $14. You should know the product ID: it is 5918, i.e. if you want the exact model for the UN55F8000 55 inch TV as I did.

Behind your TV, you will notice a 19 mm space between the wall and the TV’s back panel. This much amount of space is absolutely perfect for running your cables or HDMI cable without the fear of bending them out of shape. The Bravia TV comes with default mounts and I have to admit, my HDMI cable is completely ruined because of the minimum amount of space behind the TV.

  • No Heat Issues with UN55F8000 TV:

I wrote down earlier that it has been only a month since I bought this TV. It is already the mid of October and the weather is pretty cold these days. Assuming the climatic change, I am thinking that the UN55F8000 does not heat up that much. I will have to update this section next year during summer season.

Back panel closer view Samsung F8000 HDTV Evo Kit

These days, the TV only heats up to a normal temperature even if I keep it On for 12 hours non stop. I am hoping that the performance will remain the same in times to come.

  • Optimal Color Settings for Samsung UN55F8000:

Here are my color settings for this TV. I found these online and they work.

Backlight=6(night)-16(day) with best backlight to use being 10-12

Movie Mode
BL 10
Cont 94
Bright 45
Sharp 0
Color 48
G/R 49/51
Pic Size – screen fit
Pic Options
Color temp – Warm 2
Film Mode Auto 2
Auto Motion Plus > Custon > Blur = 10, Judder = 0, Clear = off (NOTE: if you get stuttering, try turning it off custom and onto Clear)

Color Space – Auto
10 point WB – Off
White Balance:
ro 25
go 26
bo 26
rg 16
gg 25
bg 23

Black Tone=Off
Smart LED=Standard
Eco= Off
Dynamic Contrast=Off(using it can crush blacks too if not careful)

3D mode
Note: Press the 3D button on the remote and select 2D>3D to put the F8000 into the 3D mode

Turn off everything that says Auto to Off Except Film Auto2 in Picture Options

Movie Mode – Note 2D and 3D on the same HDMI Input have separate memories
Backlight 20
Contrast 100
Brightness 46
Sharpness 0
Color 50
Tint 50/50
Picture Size – Screen Fit

Perspective 0
Frame Depth 5
Light Control > High

Advanced Mode – off, off, 0, and off

Color Space – Custom
R R38 G0 B6
G 15 23 9
B 9 0 51
Y 47 52 9
C 14 51 53
M 41 0 48

White Balance 27 29 28 0 8 50

10p White Balance – not accessible in 3D mode

Gamma -3

Picture Options
Color Temp Warm2
Dig Clean View – off
Mpeg – off
Film – Auto 2
Auto Motion Plus – Custom – Blur 10 – Judder 5 – LED Clear Motion Off(if having motion problems, try “clear)
Smart LED Off
Cinema Black Off

XBox: Game Mode on, HDMI Black Level: Normal, Standard Mode(I adjust the settings similar to what’s posted above, higher backlight.

Closing thoughts:

Samsung UN55F8000 55 inch LED HDTV is a great product. I can only hope that Samsung will continue to maintain the quality standard in days to come. The 5 star rating is more like a ceiling here. I’d have gone higher if I had the means. By the way, if you are having any trouble concerning the Samsung UN55F8000 TV manual or any other thing, feel free to shoot me an email at .

Word from Samsung:

Whether it’s your voice or a simple hand gesture, with the new Ultra-Slim Samsung Smart TV F8000, controlling your TV is easier than ever before. You can talk to your TV in more natural ways such as asking, “What action movies are on”, or you can perform all the basic commands such as “record”, “last channel” and “turn on”.