Girl with Dragon Tattoo Looks Fuckin' Cool on Samsung UN65ES8000 LED TV

Samsung UN65ES8000, otherwise known as “THE” 65 inch LED TV, doesn’t need an introduction. Why not? Head over to your nearest retailer and I bet you a $1,000 bucks, you will instantly notice its crisp life like display and outstanding performance as compared to the rest of the TVs.

Though a bit pricier for average buyers, I think that the $3,297 tag does do justice to the TV’s overall features, presentation and long life performance. Yes, it is new and you are less likely to see it in the market, or get repair parts – but then again, Samsung itself is offering a free 30 day full customer support. What more could you ask for?

The Good Stuff about Samsung UN65ES8000 65 Inch LED TV:

At the Amazon sales page for this Samsung 65 Inch LED TV, they have written down:

  • Smart TV with Smart Interaction
  • Blah Blah Blah Smart Content and Signature Services for Individual Users
  • Wi-Fi and Camera
  • 3D and 2D Support with Full HD Features

I beg to differ. For a TV this much expensive and a giant screen size, there has to be more plusses to it. Therefore dear readers, I set out to search for the killer features that this TV is famous for. I did some local research and found out that it is relatively new in the market.

Samsung UNES8000 has 4 Pairs of 3D Glasses

A guy, who wanted to buy another Samsung UN65ES8000 unit, told me that he couldn’t get one because it was “so brand new” – the retailers didn’t have it. I told him that he could order it online from Amazon or BestBuy (if they have it). Amazon ships it the next day through UPS, and that too, in a very pristine condition. So he went on with buying this TV from Amazon.

Anyhow, coming back to the blazing hot stuff about this TV, you should know the following:

  • Samsung UN65ES8000 comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses. It means that you won’t have to buy an extra pair and go through the pain of calibrating it. Ughh…
  • There is motion and voice command for this TV. All you have to do is train the software and it will follow you around like a puppy on the leash.
  • Infra-Red Blasters for Samsung 65 Inch LED TV rock – Enough said already.
  • Touch pad TV remote control removes the hassle of worrying about worn out buttons, button figures fading away after years of rigorous use.
  • Picture quality in 65 Inch LED Samsung UN65ES8000 TV is absolutely stunning. I mean it would feel like as if you are in the scene while it is being shot. And yeah, at times you will get that behind the camera vibe a lot. Just don’t watch too much horror on this TV set. You know what HD is capable of delivering.
  • Allows custom tweaking for each movie. If you are interested; CNET wrote a guide about customizing Samsung UN 65 ES8000 TV individually for movies and TV programs. This is a painstakingly long set up process. I wouldn’t recommend it but yeah if you want to do it, it is worth the trouble.
  • Black contrast levels are interestingly good. The TV screen doesn’t cloud. Same goes for static images permanently screwed on the screen.
  • AnyNet Connectivity is another great feature in this 65 inch Samsung LED TV, which works flawlessly with the built in WiFi.

 Unboxing Video of Samsung UN65es8000 TV Set | Courtesy of Youtube

Personally, I never had the time to calibrate the TV for expert viewing. I used the optimal settings and it works great. That being said, I did take the time to check free applications available for this TV at the Samsung website. Apparently, they have uploaded a lot of content for 3D and 2D HD viewing. If you are interested, you can check it out after buying this ginormous LED TV.

I didn’t use the Wi-Fi feature in this TV set. There is an option for connecting to the internet through the built in Ethernet cable port. On a personal level, Ethernet based connections are easy to set up as they are basically plug and play type.

Caution – Do Not Make This Mistake with Samsung UN65ES8000


Samsung Back Panel View | 3 HDMI Ports

Even though this TV has a 65 Inch screen size and tons of features, it is very lightweight – So much so that you will get a feathery feeling once you have lifted it in your hands. But beware; don’t let this lightweight confuse you with carelessness. 

Once you have decided to hang this TV set on the wall, please make sure that all the screws and TV support hooks are in place. I heard that the slightest jab or tug can shake the TV pretty bad. You would never want it falling down. Besides claiming warranty on physical damages could be a pain in the ass.

The Bad Stuff about 65 Inch LED Samsung UN65ES8000 TV? 

Okay, first of all, you will get that futuristic feeling after purchasing this TV. A lot of features won’t make sense. On top of this, many retailers are still not selling this TV in the market. Probably they allude its release to being too new and too complicated for average buyers. Plus, there is the price factor which budget conscious fellas can’t ignore.

Now, the only “bad” thing or the slightest setback that I found in this TV was more of a misnomer. The black levels sometimes look light. Maybe it is the sunlight giving this impression or tube light above this TV but sometimes I think that the black looks more like grayish or something. Side Note: I will look into this and update the Samsung UN65ES8000 review later.

There also appears to be faint vertical banding on this TV’s screen. Right now, I am the only guy in the house who sees this. Maybe my eyes are too sensitive. But in the end, this “vertical banding” thing is not going to be a deal killer for anyone. I know.

Out of the Box Experience with Samsung 65 Inch UN65ES8000 LED: 

Touch Pad Remote Control Looks Cool for Samsung 65 Inch LED TV

The out of the box experience with this TV was time consuming. I am not a manual reading whore but I had to get back to going through the instructions again and again. Setting up the TV was rewarding in the end though. The first thing I ever did watch was ‘The Girl with Dragon Tattoo’ on BluRay.

Oh my God!! It was amazing. Same goes for all my other Blu-Ray movie collection. The skin texture of those actors, lightning effect, color balance and everything – it was so vibrant and life like on the UN65ES8000. While the end credits were rolling on the black screen, this is when I noticed the “grey” tinge that I was talking about earlier. However, on SD channels and regular HD TV channels, black is black.

3D Movie Experience: 3D is a special treat for your eyes on this TV. Samsung did a great job of notching up 3D performance on the UN65ES8000 LED. It is the kind of 3D that you can watch non-stop for hours. The last time my brother went to a local 3D cinema, he complained about having strain on his eyes. The next day, his right cornea was slightly swollen.

We rushed him to the doctor. He said that the swelling was a result of straining the eyes too much. Now coming back to this TV set, there is nothing to worry about. You have the built in 3D feature and of course 4 pairs of 3D glasses. These glasses are officially the property of Samsung, which means that they calibrated it for 3D viewing. The PS3 and Xbox 360 also pair automatically with the TV.

Is This a Keyboard for Latest Smasung LED 65 Inch TV?

Motion Capturing: I remember when the guys from “Frys” were demonstrating UN65ES8000’s 65 Inch LED motion capturing feature. To them, it was embarrassing because their demonstration sucked. The TV never responded that much. We made fun of them and probably a lot of people thought that buying this TV wont be worth it.

Now I admit it because I know why ‘Fry’ demonstration guys failed with the motion detection thing. The UN65ES8000 TV’s motion detection works when the room is brightly lit. For some reason, when it is dark, the TV’s sensor won’t be able to “see” your hand or body movement. This is why Fry store failed at demonstrating because at the time of the demo, their room light was dim.

It is a cool feature. If you are too lazy to use the remote control, you can simply increase or decrease the volume with hand gesture. The TV is smart enough to detect several body movements for channel changing, volume settings and vice versa.

Foot Notes for UN65ES8000 Samsung TV? 

What a great evolution in the TV industry. By all means, this TV is the awesomest (I wish it was a word) that I have used so far. We have a Sony Bravia in the guest room and this TV set installed in the lounge. It is a great combination, as both TVs are flat screen, LEDs and deliver unparalleled results. Do buy this TV or have the retailers demo it for you at least – you’re gonna love it.

Word from Samsung about the UN65ES8000?

Experience the next level of Samsung Smart TV technology, plus unmatched picture quality, with the LED ES8000. Smart Interaction lets you access entertainment like never before – Voice Navigation and Gesture Control let you say commands and control TV functions with your hands, while Face Recognition automatically logs you onto your Samsung Apps account.