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There are people who buy TV sets for watching news, while slouching on sofas all day long – and then, there are actual individuals who buy TVs for the sake of visual pleasures. Nope, I am not talking about porno – but if “visual pleasures” mean something like that to you, I have no qualms.

Anyhow, I’m all up for the latter kind. This is why I am writing this awesome Samsung UN46ES6100 Review with due diligence and a heartwarming cup of Macchiato by my side. Cheerio, Guvenor!

Where Can i Get 3D Glasses for Samsung LED TV SetsBy the way, this Samsung 46 Inch LED review applies to other models as well. If you bought 40, 50, 55 or 60 inch edition within the Samsung UN series, you can pretty much sums thing up here. I used a general tone – and the fact that the company made these TVs identical, regardless of their sizes; there are little or no differences to talk about.

The Good Stuff about Samsung UN46ES6100 LED TV:

  • Starting right off with the display quality, Samsung UN46ES6100 is a marvel to be had. Excellent visuals paired with the right screen size are something that will keep you hooked to the TV set for years to come.
  • The UN46ES6100 LED is unique when it comes to overall sound emission levels. You probably had the experience of using TVs that make a sound, maybe a beep noise, whenever you turn them On or Off. This thing, on the other hand, is completely silent – it does not make any sound when you turn it off or on.This TV set is imbued with Wi-Fi connectivity. There are some built-in apps in the Samsung UN46ES6100 TV, while you still have the option of downloading and installing from the internet. As far as Wi-Fi performance goes, it is good. You can perform system updates for the UN46ES6100 series whenever they have made them available.
    • By the way, speaking of sound here, I have had my Sony Bravia series TV for a while now. Whenever I turn it On, it emits that official Sony company sound; more like a chord struck for a few seconds. There is the option of turning this effect off through the TV settings – but still, that’s something I wouldn’t want by default in any TV set. Just my choice.


The Bad Stuff about Samsung LED UN46ES6100 Model:

By my standards, the TV is fine. If anything, it is a great investment. But then, there are perfectionists; people, who, spend big bucks or a modicum of their income and, expect something awesome in return. When such individuals stumble upon a minor flaw in a gadget, they frown!

Let’s just say that the appended “cons” concerning Samsung UN46ES6100 are for them.

–          The Smart TV feature in the UN46ES6100 46 Inch LED is great. But at times, it could be a little clumsy. I will allude it to the fact that Smart TV is not a very old technology. The software developers are still trying to master it. Hence, I will be giving this nifty feature 4 starts, rather than a full 5 star rating.

–          The Samsung UN46ES6100 manual misrepresents things about the VESA pattern M6 screws. You will need the M8 screws and of course, some good old wall mounts. I recommend Cheetah Wallmounts – they are cheap, and they have more than 1000 reviews at Amazon. So many people couldn’t get it wrong, could they?

 Samsung Smart TV | The Perfect Choice for Your Family

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Samsung UN46ES6100 Review – Smart TV for Smart People?

Let’s start right off with the Smart TV functionality. Earlier, in this review, I stated that Smart TV is a feature. Well, from a general perspective, it is more of a universally implemented technology that most of the other companies are following.

By my standards, Smart TV is best experienced in Sony Bravia TVs. I am not saying it because I have a TV from the Bravia family; the truth is that it is indeed something worth experiencing. But, then again, Sony TVs are way too expensive for many people out there.

You next two options are LG and Samsung. LG’s Smart TV functionality is good but when we compare its entire package with the Samsung UN46ES6100, nothing comes close. LG, in my opinion, will be a good match for other brands but no this one.

So we have Samsung finally. Does this mean that I am going to try and presell the Samsung UN46ES6100 LED TV, based on my rambling about Smart TV thing? No, I won’t. Samsung is still trying hard to perfect itself as long as “Smart” TV is concerned. The company is aware that it drops the ball big time when it is about blending Smart TV with the entire product lineup.

However, on the contrary, it is not a bad deal after all. You have Smart Hub, a closely relative to Smart TV. The UN46ES6100 provides access to applications through Smart Hub. They run slow, because, again as already stated above, Smart TV is a little clumsy. So I use my Blu-Ray players to stream any activities that are worth streaming.

 Box Image | Samsung UN46ES6100 46 Inch LED TV

Why is this TV Still Great If I Bitched about Smart TV?

Yes, I blabbed about Smart TV being not so good in many TV sets, other than Sony. So what makes the Samsung UN46ES6100 LED TV worth it? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, the TV boasts of the Auto Motion mode. You can turn it off but it still delivers 120Hz mode, which is excellent for the price.

Secondly, this TV has 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast! You get it? A 5,000,000 to 1 ratio contrast makes the picture quality so perfect that each and every inch of that perfection is delivered straight to your eyes. And it’s just not regular contrast ratio; it is dynamic contrast that we are talking about.

Samsung TV at Home | Dark RoomWhen you will install this TV for the first time, the colors will appear to be more vibrant. CNET released some professional settings to set up Samsung UN46ES6100 series TVs, but I don’t think they are worth the hassle. You will end up wasting 1 to 2 hours of your time. What I do recommend is that you read the manual and try to play around with the display settings on this thing. You will eventually reach a point where the display will end up looking the way your eyes can withstand.

Finally, we will talk about the sound quality. It is not so bad. But given that you can get something even better, you should go for external speakers – maybe an affordable 5.1 home audio system and an AV receiver to match your Samsung UN46ES6100 TV set. For the default sound quality, this TV gets a 3 star rating from me.

Conclusion – To Buy or Not to Buy the Samsung UN46ES6100 LED TV?

Yes, in the end it is all about picture quality. The main purpose of a TV is only fulfilled when its tube quality is worth your money. I really like the UN46ES6100. Some of its features are isolated to this particular model because Samsung made it that way.

Also, when you have a 46 inch screen size, this TV is the perfect fit for families from the middle class. Admit it, you want a TV for your small sized or medium sized TV lounge, or master bedroom – this is the thing right here. Unless you live in a mansion with several giant rooms, this TV can be your BFF for a long time to come. Enjoy it, while it lasts.

Samsung UN46ES6100 Extra Configuration:

By the way, the guys at LCDBuyingGuide.Com released these calibration settings for the Samsung UN46ES6100 TV. You can apply them right away. I am pasting them as it is. If you know the exact URL source, let me know at I will be more than happy to give credits where they are due:

Picture Mode Movie
Backlight 16 (Backlight is the one part you will have to adjust to your liking and room lighting)
Contrast 95
Brightness 45
Sharpness 15
Color 50
Tint G50/R50

Dynamic Contrast Off
Black Tone Off
Flesh Tone 0
RGB Only Mode Off
Color Space Auto
10pt White Balance On
Gamma +1
Expert Pattern Off
xvYCC Off
Color Tone Warm2
Digital Noise Filter Off
MPEG Noise Filter Off
HDMI Black Level Low
Film Mode Off
Auto Motion Plus Off
LED Motion Plus Off

Picture Mode: Dynamic
Backlight: 15 or less (Reduces backlight bleed-thru “clouds.” Lower backlight setting may require slightly higher brightness)
Contrast: 70 to 80 (default is 100. Helps compensate for “Dynamic” Picture Mode’s artificially expanded mid-tone contrast)
Brightness: 35 to 40
Sharpness: 35 to 45 (default is 55. Depends on personal preference; sharper picture = more noticeable sharpening artifacts)
Color: 35 to 45 (closer to 35 is more natural, but some people like over-saturated colors)
Tint: should be within 2 of the default 50-50 setting; e.g.: 48-52 or 52-48
Picture options-> Color Tone: Standard

Picture Mode: Natural
Backlight: 15 or less
Contrast: 95 to 100 (definitely requires a higher setting than the “Dynamic” Picture Mode)
Brightness: 45
Sharpness: 35 to 45
Color: 40 to 45
Tint: should be within 2 of the default 50-50 setting; e.g.: 48-52 or 52-48
Picture options-> Color Tone: Standard