LONG COBYApple has extended an open invitation to all ad networks to serve ads within various applications on the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch, with only one crucial Exception – Ad networks that are being run by other companies are not supposed to gather user data about how people interact with their ads.

Wow, that’s a tough call; I wonder how many companies are going to bend down to this exception. Of course, it effectively blocks Microsoft, Nokia, Google and other companies but it is aimed squarely at locking out some minor companies as well. The exception is just like one of those “you can see, but you can’t touch it” offers.

Like Apple, Google also has its own Ad network but since we all know Android is an open platform so developers and outside community feels open about it android developers can always choose which ad network or ad company they can use to make money as it is believed that the competition and openness delivers the best outcome for all.

And also, in return users get to have some of the best applications of all time. Apple is just tightening up things and bolting itself down as Fort Knox. Sooner or later, the company is going to be in serious crisis and it’s not going to be an easy thing to solve. 

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