So today when I flipped open my Kindle Fire cover, the advertisement for discounted BLU and Motorola mobile phones popped up. Naturally, I was intrigued after seeing the $49.99 price tag underneath the BLU mobile phone ad; I decided to look further into the offer.

amazon offering special discounted price on BLU and Motorola mobiles

It seems that Amazon is offering a limited time discounted rate for the following smartphones at appended rates:

  • BLU Mobile R1 HD @ $49.99
  • Motorola Moto G @ $149.99

Do note that the regular price for BLU R1 mobile is $99.99 and that of the Motorola smartphone is $199.99. So what’s the catch here? Well, it turns out that this amazing offer is only for Amazon Prime members. Considering that one does not have Amazon Prime, he or she will have to spend extra cash for Prime subscription. For non-Prime members it literally means that you are paying for the regular price of the said smartphone.

Now fortunately I have a full year of Amazon Prime, but I am still not interested in the offer. For one, both these smartphones are going to be released on July 12, and secondly I’m more of a Samsung Note and Galaxy series user. So I will pass on this offer.

But hey, if you are interested and already have Amazon Prime subscription, maybe you can sign up for the BLU R1 HD or Motorola Moto G smartphone offer. It is reportedly said that both these smartphones will come with Amazon ads. If you are not interested in ads, you can buy the regular version of either one of the said smartphones from the retailer itself.