I know we have all been through instances where, trouble looms around our head in sticking to our data plans. There’s always something that we must do, must download and must watch right away. And at that particular instance it is hard to know if that link is going to cost you more than your data plan or not.  Quite amazingly iOS 8 has the answer to this, in the form of a feature which helps you to observe where you are standing data usage wise.

Just as you check your battery eating application, at the same time you can also see which application is taking most of your data stock.

Go to settings- cellular and scroll down to use cellular data for.

You will witness the all the applications in an alphabetical order.  For each app you have the option to either enable or disable the use data by tapping the button which is present besides each app. It is better to turn the feature off for applications which are not in your regular use. Of course, you will be able to use the app under your data, but the updating of the app will be limited to Wi-Fi only.

Underneath each application, the amount of data which is being used by that application is written. By scrolling all the way down, you will find that Apple keeps a track of your data used, and theirs an option present over their by the name of reset statistics. You can always reset your settings if you want to switch to a new data plan.

It’s actually quite difficult to infer why a company such as Apple who aims to make everything easy for its customers didn’t choose to align the applications in a descending order, just like it did with its battery usage monitor. But on the other side, android users have had this feature for quite a while now, both being displayed in a descending order and giving you a data usage of up to four months. Not to mention it automatically resets at the end of your billing period. Maybe Apple could learn a bit or two from the competition.

Everything apart, now iPhone users will be able to monitor which apps are eating up most of its data.