Apple COO Tim Cook in one of his close-up shot photos

Followed by Apple C.E.O: Steve Jobs’ leave, the company’s Chief Operating Officer: Tim Cook took over. Well what d’ya know, this guy is amazing. At times when Cook talks, it’s as if he’s channeling his snark and Kool Aid vibe towards the audience. Let’s see what Cook had to say in the past and recently about different ongoing events in the tech world.

It’s a Vapor vs. Bizarre Game:

  • Several weeks ago at CES, when Tim Cook was asked to give his opinion about the prospects of iOS vs. Android, he said, “Generally, they (all competitor products) lack performance specs, they lack prices, and they lack timing. And so today, they’re vapor. Basically, you wind up with kind of a scaled-up smartphone, which is a bizarre product in our view.”
    • If you can recall the previous events, you’ll come to know that Cook was referring to Steve Jobs’ “dead on arrival” statement that he made about the RIM tablet.

On views about Steve Jobs:

  • It has to be either one of the lamest jokes or probably quite a confusing one. Several days ago, an analyst from Wedge Partners inquired Cook about the influence of the iPad on the Mac OSX. The C.O.O said, “I think Steve said it great when he said, ‘If the Mac Company were a separate company, and the iPad company were a separate company, what would the Mac Company build to compete with the iPad? And I think the answer is the MacBook Air.”