Product/ order refund process, in general, can be pretty painful. Besides carelessly maintaining this website, I run real life businesses where most of the focus is maintained on customers. Every once in a while, I run into refund cases; they are not much, but there is a streak of people who pop up and need refund for several amount of reasons.

 If only getting a refund was that easy at Apple app store

Speaking of refund policies and the actual refund process, Apple has stepped up the overall quality of services. For instance, these days when you want a refund on a digital order at Apple app web store, it will only take 7 days. Previously, refunds at Apple used to take anywhere between 10 – 12 days.

Back in November when customers’ refund demands increased, Apple had to shorten the time period. As a result, the company not only retained those customers, because most of them would purchase an alternative software within the same price or at a slightly higher price, but it also gave a good name to the services.

 In the end, there is no hidden secret behind Apple’s agenda. It is plain and simple; they want to acquire more customers. Also, if you have purchased a physical product from the official Apple store, the refund process will be quick because of the swift shipping mode.

They ship stuff through Two Day Fed-Ex shipping. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the product or want your money back (probably after a slight deduction of charges), it will happen in a jiffy.