Soon after Mr. Muscles (Arnold Schwarzenegger) got done with his case against the video game industry, gamers from all over the world started revolting against his decision. According to Arrnie and First Amendment, violent game sales are restricted to minors (including individuals under the standard 18 year age barrier). Now we know that our minors ain’t too minor these days and they aren’t planning on giving up on games that easily.

Arnold Arnie Cartoon Image - Google Images

Hello…. I was meant to Lead… Not to Reaaddd – Eeeeeee

By the way, just for the sake of creating awareness, researchers have proven that violent video games spurt violent behavior in individuals and blah blah blah. This argument was countered by game lovers as:

–          Video games don’t inflict violence; it’s the inner psychological patterns of an individual that matter a lot.

Further on the debate continues towards the degree of aggression that video games have against various individuals. Yeah, I know, there were several incidents due to which Rockstar Games’ – ManHunt got banned. The kid chopped up his victims pretty bad and left a mark on the video games industry.

By the way there’s no need to take this discussion too far up your ass if you are an anti-videogame activist. Just make sure you play games in a healthy environment, the last thing parents need is a locked up room and a child that they rarely get to see. An open line of communication, awareness and gaming can make everything a lot more interesting and worth enjoying.