official call of duty black ops title screen

Followed by the recent Playstation 3 firmware upgrade (v3.56), Sony has nuked thousands of Call of Duty Black Ops players with a well hung ban hammer. By the way prior to the v3.56 firmware update, Treyarch Games was already complaining about players who used to ruin the game’s experience through cheats, mods and all sorts of under-the-table deals.

If you happen to be a cheater, who hasn’t been caught yet, now is the good chance to cut down on all the Tom Foolery. Honestly, these bans are not temporary; you’ll be getting your PS3 banned permanently. Meanwhile, those who’ve been banned are bellowing out loud against the Call of Duty Black Ops developers. At the game’s official forums, you’ll be baffled by the following comments:

  • “I didn’t do anything; they banned me for no reason.”
  • “It was fun till it lasted…”
  • “WTF… thing were going great, until the next time I logged in. What’s going on guys? Why was I banned from the Playstation Network?”
  • “Treyarch sucks….”

The above comments were just a tip of the iceberg. By the now, the forums are oozing with all sorts of woeful stories. Tell you what, why don’t you just level up your guy the same way as all the legit players do? I’m sure it’ll be more fun this way.