In a shooter/FPS games dominated world, driving games just lost their sense of charm. Gone are the days, when you used to play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for hours on end. It seems like car racing games are going back to their roots. After a lapse of 8 years, EA and Sony are trying to woo the audience through the upcoming release of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Twisted Metal.

Need for Speed Sexy Wallpaper - Infinarium

The PS3 was overshadowed by Motorstorm series, since the release of the console itself. Hell, I even remember when the PS3 was about to be release Motorstorm; it was one of the very few games that we used to keep tabs on at Youtube. However, the E3 still has not been a big opportunity for the developers behind car racing games.

Mostly because people just like innovative ideas and survival horror titles way too much, they are not attracted to simulators and car races. I mean who gives flying duck about a car racing game? Unless and until it is not really bringing something entirely new to the world, it wont be a big hit.

On the other hand, Microsoft is arming up its racy side with “Joyride” and believe me, it does look like an important game. A long time ago, specifically during E3 2010, Joyride was destined to become an Xbox 360 exclusive title, bu it was revamped through the new “Kinect” project. They even showed that typical American family; mom, dad, a son and a daughter with toothy smiles in front of the presentation screen, while showcasing Joyride through Kinect mode.

Finally, I took the opportunity of trying new and old car racing games titles alike. I prefer the old ones over the new ones because of their originality and engaging content. Microsoft might be able to pull off some big bucks through NASCAR series, but there ain’t a lot of fans out there.