Crysis 2 multiplayer screenshot

Crysis 2 is one of the highly anticipated game sequels that are to be released this year. As usual, Crytek has proven its worth through some serious graphics, stunning performance and outstanding gameplay. Now, you may not agree to my opinion about this game because every person has his/her own judging criterion. However, I believe that Crysis 2 demo was quite a serious work of awesomeness.

What’s new in the demo? Well, the Nano Suit upgrade is quite amazing. The gameplay is sort of fast paced, so you’ll have to switch between different suit modes quickly, or else you’ll be dead. Meanwhile, the multiplayer demo that I saw on YouTube was also nice. It was dynamic and brutal. You have to cloak and track in order to keep your butt from getting nailed.

I tried the single player demo and found out that there’s a steep vertical element in the game. First off, Crysis 2 has a lot of un-lockable modes, and there’s a completely new leveling system. Down your way in the game, you get to have these dog tags, which give a boost to your character’s overall performance. Think of characterizing these dog tags as armor modules, stealth modules and power modules.

PC version of Crysis 2 will always be on the edge because you’ll be able to modify the contents through mod programs. Plus, the added benefit of opening the debug console window, editing the .Cfg file, or enabling a trainer will make your experience worthwhile.

The demo version’s graphics were absolutely stunning. Those water drops on my helm seemed so real… if only I could grab ‘em. It reminds me of F.E.A.R’s demo; the first installment looked quite good. However, when the final version of the game was released, its graphics were nowhere near the ones that were shown in the demo. Let’s hope that Crysis 2 remains intact and looks perfect on March 22 – 2011.