If there was a gaming event named Sucksville, probably Gothic 4 would’ve been the main attraction in it. Since the release of first title in the Gothic series, the game been called an Elder Scrolls Rip off . Now, now, hold on; it can be the other way around but either Elder Scrolls or Gothic is a straight copy of one another.

Screenshot from Gothic 4 Arcania – Google Images

Gothic 4 Arcania Screenshot

Gothic 4’s nonsensical gameplay has bogged everything with useless stuff that will never be remembered in days to come. Following baddies make this game one of the worst Xbox 360 titles;

–          Extremely boring story that leaves you isolated in an open environment

–          Quests are all fetch and play based

–          Xbox 360 lags at certain points, which is thoroughly unexpected

–          Sometimes, the player character falls right through the floor and ends up nowhere

–          Character development is similar to Elder Scrolls series – not a lot of choice in it

–          Dialogues and voice over acting is poor. On top of that, the game character’s lifeless expressions steal away all the fun

I know, I was a little brutal in writing down Gothic 4 review but it had to be done. Just like the rest of Gothic 4 community, I was expecting so much from this title. All of the above flaws overshadow whatever little good this game had to offer. Gothic 4 is a kiss of death that can leave you in an emotionally unstable state.