As much as the recent v3.56 firmware upgrade for PS3 made some gamers happy, there were fellas who took the news quite seriously. So much so that, one of them happened to be a hacker who blackmailed Sony through his official blog. Now I am not going to paste his blog link here, but I will definitely tell you the whole story.

graf chokolo posted an update concerning firmware 3.50 hack

This supposed PS3 hacker is known as ‘Graf Chokolo’ (Google him if you want to. I’m sure something will come up). He happens to be an expert when it comes to reverse engineering/ custom firmware development and release for the PlayStation 3. Through one of his blog posts, he issued a statement suggesting Sony needs to stop releasing crappy firmware upgrades, else he will go forward with the release of official Sony IDA database.

In case you’re wondering what an IDA database is, it is a set of Tools that Sony PS3 software developers use for core PlayStation system software maintenance and updates. On the contrary, this same IDA is serves like a hypervisor to enable hackers in carrying out malicious activities. Chokolo’s public threat can not only land him behind bars, but also enable Sony to file a proper class action lawsuit if enough evidence is gathered – which, I believe won’t be difficult for the company.

Update: It turns out that Sony finally sued Graf Chokolo for 1 million euros in damages.

Graf Chokolo sued by Sony