H.P LoveCraft is a renowned author in the horror genre. His themes recently got merged with the ideas of Director Guillermo Del Toro, and later on, they got fueled by THQ’s technology. Now we all know that when these three major entities get down on the same table, something phenomenal is going to happen. Though LoveCraft isn’t alive, his ideas still live and breathe among the literary circles.

The upcoming game is known as “Insane”, it’s going to be released on PC (other consoles not announced). I saw a Teaser Trailer at YouTube and it was sickening. The entire Black and White text, those sick sounds and gurgles, all mixed with sawing of flesh and punk rock noise was too much. It will literally make you feel the seriousness of the entire game theme.

Now, here’s a HUGE disappointment for all of us. Insane is going to be released in 2013. That’s a Looonnnnggg distance from today, and probably the world may not exist in 2013. It also makes me think that the game developers may drop the idea of finishing with Insane, long before its release. We have seen tons of those unfinished projects and every time the developers did it, it really pissed us off.

The weird thing about Insane is that there’s not a lot of info out there. They just say that the game will have an action packed and dark macabre theme. Does that sound like Silent Hill franchise? I don’t know, but there’s a strong possibility that Insane might actually turn out to be huge Buzz Kill.

For now, I only have a teaser trailer to present. Listen to it, again and again, and watch it. Get lost in it and go Insane in its madness.