Photo of a user holding iPhone 5 in his hand

According to a report by Bloomberg officials, Apple’s next gen devices will be supporting mobile payment feature. The iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will be housing different modes of making online payments directly through the devices. This facility may have come a little late to the Apple community because Google already infused the Android 2.3 platform with the NFC capabilities.

None of the engineers, who’re tied to the Apple’s hardware project, have been named specifically. All that is known is the fact that these engineers are working diligently on hardware for the Apple project. Most likely, Apple will be offering an NFC compliant mobile payment platform, whose motive will be to provide full support to its users.

We all know that Apple has a strict policy about so-called news and rumors regarding its upcoming products. Nothing comes in or goes out of the company, as long as a project hasn’t been finalized. For now, Tim Cook is managing the company’s operations in Steve Jobs’ absence. The guy has been doing well for a while now.

In related news, the rumor mill is churning out all sorts of hubbub about the upcoming features in the iPad 2. Probably the device’s screen resolution will be 2048 x 1536 (just another DigiTimes rumor), which is definitely going to bring a lot of visual enhancement to the audience. Let’s see if it all works out as per our anticipations.