HP particularly highlights is webos platform through release of different tablets

Just like the rest of the rival companies in the tech world, HP is also making every inch of an effort to show ‘em what it’s made of. As a matter of fact, the question is: Do you think that HP will be able to take down the iPad and the whole slew of upcoming Android Tablets in the market?

Next month, on Feb. 9 – 2011, Hewlett Packard is going to make an announcement regarding something new and upcoming. From what I’ve heard, it’s a tablet, which will be based on the WebOS platform. The OS Software Development Kit came as a bonus when HP went apes for the acquisition of Palm Company. That being said, the question of WebOS’ potential against the iOS, still hangs in the balance.

Does the former operating system have what it takes to show the iPad a little tough time? Not to mention that fact the Apple is already way ahead with its iPad 2 projects. At this speed, HP will never be able to catch up with Steve’s latest productions. As for the WebOS, Palm did a great job on it.

I remember the days when those Palm PDAs were all that the world cared about. People were so crazy for those Palm devices. They were a royalty, just like the way when Blackberry handsets used to be. Sigh… the conundrums of the past technological achievements have always been worth contemplating. Anyways, the big issue relates to the transition of Palm’s WebOS towards the tablet form.

When converting a native mobile phone OS into something, which is compatible with a tablet, a lot of things need to be taken into account. Especially, the applications need to be remodeled as per the new screen size configuration. Plus, the testing procedure takes a lot of time as well. And then again, HP has to take down Android as well.

The Android market is coming up with tablets that are filling up those potholes which the iPad 1 left behind. These tablets have high processing power, multiple cameras, different form factor and multitasking scenarios. Hence, Hewlett Packard must come up with something innovative, which does seem like a long shot.

Lucky for HP, the company isn’t bound to install or design the Palm OS in its upcoming tablets. The developers will always have the option of going for the Android OS. We can keep our fingers crossed for now.