Glory of Heracles is an old title; I ran through it over 2 years ago. So why come back to an old Nintendo DS game and talk about it? Well, it just happens that I was reminiscing Final Fantasy series games and Glory of Heracles’ name popped up in my head. You know, one of those Déjà vu kind of moments in life.

Glory of Heracles Nintendo DS Concept Art - Google Images

Anyway, if you haven’t tried Glory of Heracles, you better give it a shot i.e. if you are hooked to the RPG genre. To me, this game was pretty much like any other Final Fantasy series (as stated earlier), but frankly it would be a lousy comparison to FF titles. The game itself is decent and intimidating enough for Greek mythology buffs but there is not a lot to go for.

As the story unravels, you take the roll of a gallant hero, who is leading his Amnesia stricken immortals through the main quest line. As usual, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders and it’s your job to ensure the safety and sanity of the entire world’s population. You are taken across places like, Olympus, Troy and some marsh lands throughout your journey.

In order to make things interesting, your pathway is occasionally obstructed by mean faced enemies and long boss encounters. The A.I has been designed in a mundane manner because each town apparently doesn’t bother much about your main line quests or side quests. You keep on moving from town to town – and sometimes it gets a little hard to manage things.

Glory of Heracles boasts of the same battle system which is similar to Final Fantasy series. Once you are pitted against normal foes, don’t waste your “OverKill” blows because it’d be a waste of that precious Ether and Mana Pool. Each and every move counts in long tactical boss fights and you have to pay attention to them if you don’t want to turn into dust.

The graphics are not too shabby but there are some scenic portions which lead you to believe that you are back in the 1990’s when the NPCs used to have Cardboard hands and pixilated hair. But let’s not forget the fact that we are playing a 35 Hour long game on Nintendo DS.

For a small console, Glory of Heracles runs fine and deserves a 3 out of 5. I wouldn’t recommend this game to old school RPG fans because it is only going to get them struck by boredom and their 33$ will turn out as bit of a disappointment.