Mmm the idea of buying a PS3 and that too for $40, is so alluring. Well, technically the gaming console was priced at $39.99 at Target and Amazon’s websites. What would you call it? I’d say false advertising, lame product marketing strategy, or some form of technical glitch. Maybe the online retailers meant to say $400, but then again, both companies cannot make the same “error”. Can they?

Sony Playstation 3’s $40 link was up there for 8 hours, until the officials nabbed it, and replaced it with a “404 Page Not Found” error message. I’m thinking that within those 8 hours, hundreds or thousands of orders were placed, which is why Target and Amazon realized their “mistake”.

However, if you happened to get the PS3 for $40, consider yourself lucky. Nope, it wasn’t illegal and the companies are bound to ship the console to you. Hmm, I wonder if they charged anything for bubble and gift wrappings?

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