Thief has always been about subtlety and performing sneaky actions; at least that is what the first three installments were all about. Unfortunately, the latest upcoming release is marred by narrow mindedness, lack of creativity, lack of originality, lack of theme and many other things that simply make it… well, just another first person title, or shooter per se.

Thief 4 fan made concept wallpaper

I said, the new upcoming Thief installment sucks balls, and I stand by the bold statement. While it is true that the new game has been reinvented after 10 years, the developers did not bring anything new to the table. Oh yeah, the graphics have improved, but they’d have been an improvement if any other company had worked on the same project.

  • They should have brought creativity to the gameplay element:

I coursed through the first two chapters. Garrett wakes up next to a fat dude. Within minutes you are busy poking your nose where it’s not supposed to be poked. The fat guy snores through the entire tutorial; it was medium difficulty and the mini game layout intro takes you through stealing useless shit.

This guy does not mind anyone sneaking behind him
Eavesdropping is so easy
And... Garrett is out of the window and into the frying pan

You open the drawers; you open locks and fumble around with guard keys to steal whatever you want. Now if you remember other Thief games’ difficulty levels, you know that even at easiest difficulty, the guards would always be on alert. As a matter of fact, you are staring at a hooded figure which you won’t like in the long run.  

Gameplay wise, the problem persists when the A.I. fails to detect you. I keep mentioning the medium difficulty because when we compare the same difficulty level to the previous Thief installments, the guards would never ever leave the trail cold. They keep hunting you down as long as you have escaped to the next area through a portal.

This does not happen in the upcoming Thief. At best, it is very easy to sneak past guards. They give out most of the key details about storage places, jewels, core mission locations while chatting with their on-duty buds. You can never feel that sense of challenge when Garrett is walking around in your shoes.

Likewise, killing enemies is quite easy. I am thinking that when this game is released for PC, I will try and tweak the core game “ini” files. The last time, Thief: Deadly Shadows had .ini files for editing enemy difficulty levels. If they have used the same file structure, then editing those A.I. settings will probably give a different experience throughout the game.

  • The details are good… but it doesn’t last long:

The Victorian theme; we all love it. It has always been part of Thief and Alice game series. As far as graphics are concerned, there have been major improvements throughout the maps. The details are good, and during the initial opening chapters, the rooftops and streets pose a great view. Shadow – to – Shadow as you linger around, you will begin to appreciate the light lamps, but it only lasts for 30 minutes or so.

The sense of open world is gone now. As soon as the opening tutorial concerning Garrett’s talents is over, you are on your own. The corridors are small, the roads seem to be leading you to your mission location; you don’t have to look around that much. Greater space in interior locations is not there – and sadly, the choice of alternative routes through wall climbing and rooftops is not a part of this abysmal failure.

The character details are okay on Consoles

At best, the upcoming Thief is nothing more than a first person game. We’d have been better off with a gun if they wanted to fuck up everything. By the way, you can kill guards now, and that too, with a blackjack. Hammer them to death, and they won’t even fight back that much. Be careful when shimmying across ledges; they screwed up the game mechanics and camera angles so much that you will fall down without even noticing it.

At times when Garrett meets an unfortunate death event in Thief, you never know what caused it to trigger. Where is the familiar footsteps sound, where is the isolation that came with Shalebridge Cradle, where’s the fear that Gammal inflicted upon players’ heart? All these things are missing. The bottom line is that this new game is more tight, action oriented and perhaps made by a bunch of kids. Bravo assholes! You just ruined an entire franchise.