apple is rumored to introduce no home button in iphone latest version

Apple fanboys are going to be in for a big surprise as this piece of news just came down from the big offices. The infamous home buttons from the iPhone and the iPad are going to be choked forever. Don’t worry, Apple will definitely introduce something worthwhile to keep those fingers moving.

As we all know that March 2011 is going to bring a special update to the iOS’ existing version. Hence, alongside this dreaded update, the Apple community will be seeing the last of the home button. What’s the reason for this “upgrade”, you ask? Simple enough; Apple is introducing a ‘state of the art’ multi touch interface, which will support some new functions.

As a result, the said iPhone or the iPad owner will be able to make use of these added shrouded functions through swipes and tacky gestures. With respect to the software version, both these devices are getting rid of the home button. Isn’t it safe to assume that in future, Apple will drop the button idea in regards to the hardware platform as well?

Our ham powered rumor mill dug up some old archives recently. Some people don’t know this fact that Apple’s CEO: Steve Jobs, never wanted to introduce physical buttons on the original iPhone. If there’s one that that I must say, this guy’s a genius and deserves some credit for a long term vision. According to Steve, the entire idea of a person’s reliance on buttons and hardware is too absurd.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Jobs has long been in favor of reprograming the official Apple Mac Mice, in order to bring a totally new experience to the user community.