Pokémon Go has gained immense amount of popularity for all sorts of reasons. Especially after it was ported to the iOS platform, there has been an increased number of gamers from all over the world, relishing in the spirit of “good ol’ days” with this game.how Pokémon Go looks in real life through my smartphone screen

A few hours ago, at Reddit, I was reading a guy rant about how his cell phone got confiscated at work. He actually made a post in the “TIFU” (Today I Fucked Up) section, lamenting about how he works in a sensitive department where employees are not allowed to use mobile phones for taking selfies and random photos. Unfortunately he was playing Pokémon Go on his iPhone and had to hold it up to his face level to tap on screen activity; the objective was to search for an in game character.

The person sitting behind this guy yelled out, “excuse me Sir!, are you using your mobile phone to take selfies?” and that was it. Security officials immediately confiscated the smartphone, only to send it all the way across country to the company’s main branch, where security analysts will go through each and every file since they don’t believe that the owner was indeed playing Pokémon Go during work hours.  

I personally feel bad for this poor soul. He lost his cell; he might be losing his job for reals. Moving on, another blogger writes about how a Pokémon Go player set out to catch a Pokémon character in her hometown. Things were going great until Shayla Wiggins, the 19 year old player, stumbled upon a dead body in a river.

Apparently, the 19 y.o. was spending her summer holidays with her mother in the family’s hometown. Just a few minutes into the game, she opened the in game map to catch up on a special water type monster. She climbed over a fence and made her way towards the local riverside area. Shayla reported seeing a dark bobbing figure floating on the surface. Soon she realized that it was a human dead body.

Authorities from the Fremont County are busy investigating the last known whereabouts of the deceased person. The death may or may not have been accidental as further investigation is being carried out in regards to the matter. Pokémon Go has not only resulted in increased revenue stream for Nintendo, but has also become a cause for making players visit graveyards and churches at odd times of the day.